FedEx Desktop

Tracking at your fingertips

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Need a simple way to view and share tracking status? With FedEx Desktop, tracking information is just a click away.

FedEx Desktop monitors shipment status and sends notifications directly to your desktop. If you regularly track shipments and need to frequently check their status, FedEx Desktop is your solution. Best of all, it's easy to install and simple to use!

With FedEx Desktop, you will be able to:

  • Manage your time more efficiently by knowing when to expect shipments.
  • Easily access your shipment information from your desktop.
  • Become more proactive by having another channel to monitor shipment exceptions.

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More features


Add important or critical shipments to FedEx Desktop. FedEx Desktop will remember your shipments and provide you automatic shipment updates until delivered.

Drop shipment placards to your desktop

Drag and drop important shipments to the desktop. Shipments parked on the desktop will receive automatic shipment updates until delivered. You can also view more detail shipment information by clicking on each shipment.

Shipment notifications

Pop-up messages will notify you when shipments are delivered or when selected exceptions occur.

Nickname shipments

Nickname your shipments so you can easily identify them via FedEx Desktop. No more hassle trying to remember tracking numbers.


Tracking history

FedEx Desktop remembers any shipment you add to the application, providing you easy access to your shipment information.


Smart search functionality allows you to search shipments by tracking number, nicknames, etc.


You will be able to filter by clearance delays, shipment exceptions, delivered shipments, etc. providing easier navigation and access to shipment information.

E-mail notifications

You can choose to e-mail tracking results, exception updates and delivery updates in order to keep your customers informed.