Printable Version Freight on Value (FOV)

Own Risk: Transit insurance is taken by the Shipper to protect against any loss, damage or pilferage during transit of the shipment. Our responsibility is limited to issuing a Certificate of Facts in the event of loss.

Carrier’s Risk : Insurance arranged by us on behalf of the  Shipper or Receiver to cover loss, damage or pilferage of the shipments during transit. Our responsibility is to provide Certificate of Facts and facilitate the claims process between the Insurance Company and Shipper/Receiver.

The Shipper has to pay freight on value which will include the applicable premium payable to the insurance company on the declared/invoice value and our service charges. The insurance will not cover any indirect loss/damage or loss/damage caused on account of any delays in delivery of the shipments.

Mark the relevant option on the Waybill.

• This service would come at an additional charge. Please call Customer Service for details.