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Enabling you to trade online with integrated FedEx shipping capabilities

An eCommerce Solution in its most essential form allows customers to purchase your products or services through the web - rather than in a physical store. The success of any eCommerce Solution will depend on your ability to provide customer satisfaction and make customers return to your site, just as it would be for your physical store.

Key drivers for "online" loyalty and return visits typically are: customer trust in your brand, demonstrated security of payment transactions, continuously fresh and relevant content and the ability to deliver goods as promised.

FedEx core competencies in express shipping, providing detailed online shipment information and automating shipping processes are the perfect answer to the new market needs. By integrating FedEx services and FedEx technology in superior eCommerce solutions, FedEx is able to provide your customers the trust they need to choose, click and buy.

FedEx offers 2 key eCommerce solutions to support your needs:

  • FedEx Web Services – FedEx Web Services is the next generation API for integrating software applications with FedEx Systems. From a business and product planning standpoint, FedEx Web Services is an ideal choice for integration. Essentially, they are a collection of programming technologies that allows users to build customized solutions for application integration.

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