Tips for Original Shippers

As the original shipper, you’ll have the most control over the return shipment. You can choose the return speed and destination, and you’ll be able to decide how much control the return shipper has during the process.

  • Tips for Original Shippers

Return Type

When processing your international return package with a FedEx electronic shipping solution, you'll need to provide a reason for that return for customs clearance purposes — on both the outbound and the return shipment.

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Label Options

With FedEx® Global Returns, you can create return labels and customs documents at the same time as the outbound shipment or create them just for the return leg. You have three ways to provide the return label and any customs documentation to your customer:

  • Enclose hard copies in the outbound shipment.
  • Email a PDF file.
  • Email a link to the return label. You can allow customers to edit the label and customs documents, helping them facilitate customs clearance and avoid delays when their return contents don’t match the original shipment.

  • Commercial Invoice

Commercial Invoice

At FedEx Global Trade Manager, in addition to finding the right documents for your international shipments, you can also prepare, store and reuse them online with the FedEx Document Preparation Center. Your shipment info is even transferred right into FedEx Ship Manager® at, so you can quickly complete your shipping label, too.

“All shipments are subject to the conditions of carriage as published by FedEx in the applicable Service Guide on Shipments originating in Europe, the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent and Africa are subject to the Federal Express Conditions of Carriage for EMEA”

Tips for Return Shippers

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Frequently Asked Questions

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