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Our integrated supply chain solutions and complementary services.

Getting to Know You

We never start by saying ‘Just leave it to us’. Before we offer answers, we ask questions. To understand your business in every detail. To discover its aims and objectives. How your existing supply chain came about. And what your go-to-market strategies are. Without a clear insight of precisely how your business operates, our Solutions Engineers, no matter how exhaustive their experience, cannot realistically devise the bespoke supply chain solution from which your business can truly profit.




Choosing the Best Players

Typically but by no means universally, our next step is to create a multi-functional team with FedEx SupplyChain specialists dedicated to implementing the most advantageous supply chain solution for you. This team will be an extension of your own organisation, working closely and directly with you. It can even mirror your own team to help speed up communication and achieve the best possible results simply by letting IT talk to IT and Engineering liaise directly with Supply Chain Managers.

One Size Never Fits All

No two businesses are identical and our solutions recognise this entirely and perform accordingly. As each one is modular, you can select the service features you need, adding or removing them to reflect your business model. We appreciate too that businesses must react to change so your chosen solution will always give you the flexibility to upscale or downsize appropriately with minimum disruption.


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Global and Local

Developed to handle mission-critical supply chain tasks, FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics® provides your business with an optimum sourcing location, delivery route and shipping mode. It combines full visibility of your critical products and parts in the global supply chain with dedicated customer support.


Simplifying the complexity of an international supply chain with a single-source provider has an obvious advantage. Customer inventory can be centralised in our European Distribution Centre at the heart of our globally integrated network, giving you end-to-end custodial control throughout.











A robust set of inbound, warehousing, fulfillment and shipping options combined with returns management and 24/7 dedicated customer support gives you the opportunity to address your every logistical need constructively with scalable, flexible options to match your specific supply chain requirements.


Global inventory control together with order and shipment visibility is achieved through a single interface and total IT systems integration. And worldwide, real-time stocking location inventory visibility to item attribute level means you can react rapidly to customer orders, increase inventory velocity and reduce safety stock.

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Our Promise to You

We deliver FedEx Fulfillment® services as a turnkey, modular and scalable logistics solution that provides you with an end-to-end fully visible supply chain designed and configured to your business as it grows and prospers.












Goods are collected in bulk, forwarded in consolidated shipments and cleared by us through customs to our European Distribution Centre. There we can provide the space, environment and expertise to break bulk, store, organise and despatch your goods in response to your customers’ requests.


Your inventory is available 24/7/365 with complete warehouse management processes flexible enough to be tailored precisely to your present and future business needs. These can start with pick, pack and ship with the opportunity to slot in others from a range of optional complementary services such as kitting and returns management.

Promise Fulfilled

Multi-client stocking locations mean that you don’t have to invest either to expand existing markets or exploit new ones. Customer service and customer retention in both cases are effortlessly enhanced, thanks to a range of shipping services and speed options that exploit both our own and allied networks.

Perfect Vision

We integrate our industry-leading proven IT systems with yours, giving you full visibility and traceability from start to finish. Whether it’s inbound, outbound or static inventory, you will always know what’s happening, when and where. Fast and configurable fulfillment will accelerate your response to market, building stronger and more rewarding customer loyalties.

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All For One

A straightforward and streamlined process designed to save time and money, FedEx BreakBulk® speeds up your supply chain using consolidated shipments. Each shipment is customs cleared as a single unit before its contents are individually released for delivery to multiple addresses in different destination countries.

And One For All

Breakbulk replaces a maze of multiple distribution channels, package handlers and infrastructure needs with a single, fast-moving, consolidated-clearance, direct-distribution solution. It reduces transit times from weeks to days, shortens your order-cycle time significantly and gets your goods to market ahead of the competition.

Less is More

Our in-house team organises single customs clearance to our European Distribution Centre in the Netherlands where you can take advantage of the country’s VAT deferment system. Your business can consolidate inbound shipments from a single origin country location and then make use of our many shipping services and speed options to carry out direct-to-customer distribution of each consignment’s individual pieces.












Your customers get the rapid service they expect while your business reduces its inventory and warehousing costs. Even the financial risk and infrastructure requirements normally associated with new market exploration are reduced too. Yet you still have full supply chain visibility both at shipment and individual package level. BreakBulk is a truly innovative approach that means fewer steps, fewer stops and fewer obstacles to a supply chain solution your business and your customers equally deserve.

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