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Creating intelligent supply chain solutions for time-sensitive, high-value parts and finished goods.

Precisely Tailored Solutions

We recognise that even when competing in a horizontal market, different companies will follow different paths to market. So our solutions are precisely tailored to your specific supply chain needs. Our role is to add value to your business with an exclusive response, a superior service provision that generates the highest level of customer satisfaction and reinforces our hard-won reputation.


Professional High-Tech

Every industry presents a unique set of challenges and, at FedEx, we use our experience and expertise to enable us to make the right shipping decisions. When it involves High-Tech industries, it’s the distinctive range of complementary services we offer like configuration and kitting that help profitably manage a rapidly-growing customer base.

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When you’re shipping healthcare equipment, one size simply doesn’t fit all. And it’s not just reputations that are at risk here but patient lives too. Product integrity is vital but so too is a track record in successfully fulfilling service level agreements, providing technical support services such as configuration or returns inspections and ensuring the complete visibility of time-sensitive equipment and supplies from collection to receipt.

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Despite a global reputation and worldwide operation, the size and scale of each customer organisation and its operations are only important to us in defining our precise response to their logistics needs. Large or small, it makes no difference whatsoever to our determination to deliver the best achievable solution dedicated to exceeding their every expectation.

A Complicated Business Simplified

Getting products widely distributed on time to take advantage of peak market cycles introduces yet another level of complexity to an already multifaceted manufacturing process. And added to this is the urgency of supporting the guaranteed uptime of installed base servicing to accelerate spares dispatch in support of production and maintenance.


Tailoring specific shipping, warehousing, packaging and distribution solutions for your high-value, time-sensitive goods not only calls for high levels of familiarity and expertise but also secure facilities and practices as well as ISO 9001 certification.


Consolidating your critical parts and devices at our European Distribution Centre in the Netherlands, the logistics heart of Europe, gives you global inventory, along with order and shipment visibility online or through state-of-the-art IT system integration solutions.

Adding Value

Outsourcing your finished goods and spare parts logistics to us facilitates renewed focus on your core activities. At the same time, a full set of complementary services such as returns management, inspection and quality control, configuration and kitting can enhance your speed-to-market, whilst reducing the overhead costs.



Get Time on Your Side

When you’re working with time-sensitive, high-value healthcare products, it’s not just about final delivery, you need to know the status of every shipment from start to finish. Because handling delicate apparatus isn’t the only concern, there’s the wellbeing of the end-users to think about - those patients whose health is at risk.



Although a pre-requisite for the health industry and its partners, to a logistics provider with our experience, ISO 13485 certification is less of a regulatory hurdle and more of a confirmation of our commitment to the highest quality of standards, performance and resources. Their dedicated management is how we earn our customer confidence; monitoring, measuring and analysing every activity, and striving for continuous improvement in every area.

Temperature Control

Temperature variations during transit affecting quality and potentially spoiling temperature-sensitive healthcare products are a major industry concern. Thanks to our portfolio of temperature-controlled shipping and temperature-monitored storage capabilities, the integrity of your products is safeguarded right from factory to patient.



Adding Value

Shipping, warehousing, packaging and distributing healthcare devices with us gives you access to a full set of complementary services we can undertake on your behalf to further reduce your operational costs. From returns management, inspections and validations to re-packaging and re-labelling, you can be confident that each service is carried out with the same diligence you would expect from your own workforce.

Safe and sure distribution of medical devices

Life-saving medical devices have to be delivered to the right place at the right time. If they’re not, the company’s reputation, its future business and, not least, the patient’s welfare are all at stake.

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Precision handling of critical parts

With demand for robotic surgical equipment rising, one of the global leaders in this field needed a logistics provider to support growth in Europe in order to regain focus on its core manufacturing business.

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Creating and commissioning an integrated, bespoke, scalable supply chain

In today’s trading environment, improving production efficiency, product quality and profitability are major concerns for businesses large and small worldwide.

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