Elevate your customers' delivery experience.

Your customers can't always be there to receive their deliveries. Introduce them to FedEx Delivery Manager and help them customize their deliveries to fit their busy lives.

  • Fedex Delivery Options

Activating FedEx Delivery Manager is simple, quick and free.

Create a shipment with FedEx Ship Manager™ at fedex.com and follow these three steps:

1Leave company name field blank in
the “To” address

2 Provide your customer's email
address and mobile phone number.

3 Select at least one notification
option, preferably Delivery.

examples of input fields within FedEx Ship Manager examples of input fields within FedEx Ship Manager examples of input fields within FedEx Ship Manager

Delivery options for every situation.1

Customers can choose from powerful delivery
customization options, including:

Deliver as planned     Deliver as planned
Deliver as planned     Deliver as planned to a safe place
Deliver as planned     Deliver to home address on a future date
Deliver as planned     Deliver to a neighbor
Deliver as planned     Deliver to another address
Deliver as planned     Deliver to a pickup point

1 Available options may vary depending on destination country/territory.

Extraordinary benefits for shippers and recipients.

Whether you’re the one shipping or the one receiving, FedEx Delivery Manager has you covered. Simple, intuitive, worry-free and available in most major markets, it allows everyone to maximize their delivery experience.

Businesses can:

  • Boost customer satisfaction and increase loyalty
  • Save money by processing fewer returns
  • Differentiate in a crowded market – at no added cost

Customers can:

  • Choose their perfect delivery option at no added cost
  • Stay up to date every step of the way via SMS or email notifications
  • Get the peace of mind of a secure delivery


How does FedEx Delivery Manager work?

FedEx will send a notification via email and/or SMS of the planned delivery day to the recipient.

If the proposed date is not convenient, the customer can access a secured website link provided on the notification and request a change of the planned delivery date and/or location. Any changes requested are confirmed via an email and/or SMS to the recipient. On the day of the delivery, the customer will be reminded that the shipment is on its way for delivery.

Who can sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager? How do recipients sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager?

Only Shippers can initiate the FedEx Delivery Manager service. Recipients who would like to enjoy the service should contact their Shippers to activate the service and assign the recipients’ email address and/or mobile phone number to the eligible shipments.

What are some of the new delivery features that recipients can choose?

Please note: There will be slight differences in delivery options in each region/country/territory (for instance, in some markets the “leave with a neighbor” option might be turned off or they might not have the redirect to hold option.) Customers can select from several delivery options, which include:

  • Deliver as planned – Confirm your planned delivery.
  • Deliver to my address on a future date – Let us know a delivery date that works best for you.
  • Deliver to my neighbor – Change your delivery location with the click of a button.
  • Deliver to another address – Change your delivery location with the click of a button.
  • Deliver to a pick-up point – Ask us to hold your package and select a convenient pick up point nearby. (These will vary throughout markets/regions).
Please note that certain options are not available in some markets.


Is there an additional cost to use FedEx Delivery Manager?

There’s no additional cost.

How does FedEx Delivery Manager benefit shippers?

For retailers that are shipping with FedEx, their residential customers will benefit with the ability to receive their shipments when and where they want them delivered. It also allows FedEx to minimize delivery attempts to customers who may not be home to receive deliveries.

What differentiates FedEx Delivery Manager from competitors such as UPS My Choice or DHL On Demand Delivery?

We do not comment on our competitors; however, I can say that FedEx Delivery Manager doesn’t require enrollment and it’s free. It’s easy to use and secure.

How does this compare to the US service launched in 2013?

Unlike in the U.S. where a recipient is required to enroll in the program, no enrollment is necessary. Also it’s free with no additional cost for any of the features, whereas in the U.S. some of the convenient delivery options are offered for a fee.

In which markets is FedEx Delivery Manager available?

FedEx Delivery Manager is currently available in 41 markets (listed below):

Europe North America MEISA
Austria Canada Bahrain
Belgium   Kuwait
Czech Republic Latin America UAE
Denmark Mexico Saudi Arabia
Estonia Brazil India
Finland Argentina  
France Chile Asia Pacific
Germany Colombia Australia
Hungary Puerto Rico China
(International Shipments only)
Ireland   Japan
Italy   Malaysia
Latvia   South Korea
Lithuania   Singapore
Luxembourg   Taiwan
Netherlands   New Zealand

Does this service apply to all shipments?

FedEx Delivery Manager service applies to eligible1 shipments sent via all FedEx services for delivery to residential locations in the destination market.

1Please contact us or your local FedEx Customer Service team for more details about eligibility of your shipments

How will I know if my recipients received their packages?

You can select the email notification option in our shipping automation tools to inform you once your recipients receive their packages.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please contact your local FedEx Customer Service team for assistance.