Solutions for Clinical Trials

Each Clinical Trial item – be it a kit, an Investigational Medical Product (IMP), or a clinical specimen – requires special care. FedEx Healthcare Priority offers a range of solutions tailored to your needs.

Temperature Integrity and Packaging

FedEx Healthcare Priority provides IATA-compliant packaging across study sites in Asia Pacific. Regardless of temperature range, FedEx will help ensure that your samples are delivered in perfect condition.

Control temperatures

  • Temperature Integrity and Packaging

Dedicated Customer Support Team and Full Visibility

FedEx Healthcare Priority team is trained for contingency management and proactively monitors your clinical shipments. Using monitoring tools such as FedEx SenseAwareTM, you can get full visibility on your shipment’s inside story all along the supply chain.

Maintain visibility

  • Dedicated Customer Support Team and Full Visibility

Overnight Delivery Service

FedEx overnight service offers an up to 24-hour delivery from most Asian origins to Singapore and major cities in China.

Easy and Simple Billing Structure

The FedEx Healthcare Priority flat rate per shipment makes budget planning easy, and referenced invoicing allows for straightforward reconciliation of costs.

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