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  • Global Citizenship Report

Global Citizenship Report

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More than ever, customers are looking to do business with companies that demonstrate a strong commitment to the active pursuit of sustainable, eco-friendly and socially responsible policies and operating practices.

For FedEx, growing our company in a responsible, resourceful and forward-thinking manner is the only way to do business. And we believe that conducting business in a safe, ethical and sustainable way translates into long-term profitability. Proof of this is the fact that in 2015 more than $6.2 billion revenue came from customers seeking information on corporate citizenship and carbon emission data.

Every year, we publish our Global Citizenship Report (GCR) with key updates on our environmental footprint, our contributions to economic development, to our people and the communities where we operate. Below are just some examples of some of our achievements during the last year.

Economic development
We contribute to global, social and economic progress by connecting over 90% of the global GDP with our services.

  • As just one example of the way small companies can leverage our logistic support and trade expertise to help them go global, Mirraw Online Services in India, is an online community of fashion designers who showcase handpicked designs in ethnic jewellery, apparels and accessories to a wide audience on the Web. Mirraw is being set up by a two young Indian IT entrepreneurs who are using their tech capabilities to give local ethnic wear manufacturers access to the global market.

We believe that we can decrease our environmental footprint while simultaneously expanding our business - and the data backs this up:

  • during 2015 our 15 solar facilities saved 4,613 metric tons of CO2 emissions;
  • our carbon neutral shipping programme allowed us to deliver more than 580 million environment-friendly envelopes.

Our logistics expertise and global reach allows us to provide relief during times of disaster, improve the safety of roads and promote environmental sustainability in the communities we serve around the world.

  • FedEx is committed to helping refugees arriving in Europe. We have pledged $1 million in cash as well as transportation support to deliver needed supplies and medical aid.

Connecting the world responsibly and resourcefully begins and ends with people. At FedEx we have the privilege of connecting with millions of people every day.

  • In 2015 more than 15,822 team members volunteered 69,065 hours in over 500 cities as part of our annual FedEx Cares programme.

Learn more about FedEx citizenship strategy and download the Global Citizenship Report 2015 here.

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