Your shipments are in good hands with FedEx Express.
The European Union has introduced Regulation 300/2008, with its implementation legislation 185/2010 that will come into full effect from 29 April 2013. The main objective of this regulation is to establish common rules to protect civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference that jeopardise the security of civil aviation.

Situation for FedEx customers
In light of this objective, the implementation legislation also provides measures to improve the security arrangements for cargo to be carried by air. One such measure is to enable customers to register with Regulated Agents as ‘Account Consignors’. Customers already registered as Account Consignor with FedEx, which is a Regulated Agent,do not need to take any further actions.

Account Consignor
This implementation legislation enables customers to register with Regulated Agents as “Account Consignors”.An “Account Consignor” is a shipper whose cargo can be positively identified for carriage exclusively on all-cargo aircraft.

FedEx, as a Regulated Agent, will comply with all aspects of this regulation. We are therefore required to arrange for you to have the below declaration signed by a person entitled to represent your company, or the person in charge of aviation security at your premises, so you can be designated as an “Account Consignor”*.

Please complete and return the declaration form to us by fax on the following number 020-5005623 or email as soon as possible.Once we receive your signed declaration, you can be designated as a FedEx ‘Account Consignor’.

Advantages ‘Account Consignor’ status
By becoming an “Account Consignor”, customers can make sure that their consignments are known to FedEx straight away and thus can be processed and handled more efficiently with regards to screening requirements as defined by the EU and its member states. Not returning the declaration form could result in delays.

Account Consignor - Declaration
Once completed, please print the form, sign it and return it to us.

Instructions for Account Consignors
The National Instructions issued by the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, published on, explain the security requirements in more detail. They can be found as well on the website from the European Union: “Aviation Security Instructions For Account Consignors” in EU regulation (EC) 185/2010 Attachment 6-D. Please pass them on to anyone else in your company who should be aware of this new EU shipping regulation. You also need to nominate one person within your company who will be responsible for the application and control of these instructions.

What is the difference between “Account Consignor” and “Known Consignor”?
The procedure of the “Account Consignor” is different to that of the “Known Consignor”, as follows: in terms of the Regulation EC 185/2010, “Account Consignor” means, a consignor whose consignments can be positively identified for carriage exclusively on all-cargo aircraft while consignments of “Known consignors” can be carried on any aircraft.

FedEx Express may not require its customers to become a “Known Consignor” but recommends requesting the status of “Account Consignor” at FedEx. FedEx can directly designate “Account Consignors” based on the declaration of commitments for “Account Consignors”.

What changes for “Known Consignor” status as of 29 April 2013?
The “Known Consignor” status described in Regulation (EU) 185/2010 has implications for big and small companies that ship air freight.From 29 April 2013, this EU Directive will be implemented in full. Air freight consignors can then choose one of these two options:

  1. The consignor submits its goods for controls before they are loaded onto the airplane. This can cause delays and increases the costs per kilogram of cargo shipped.


  2. The consignor invests in the security of his supply chain by taking certain measures to increase security. This way he is relieved of the need to have his goods controlled, and avoids potential delays and additional screening costs.

Known Consignors must now be certified by national authorities.
The changes for Known Consigners arising from Regulation (EU) 185/2010 do not affect FedEx Express customers. You do not have to submit an application for approval as a ‘Known Consignor’ or pay additional fees.

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