Shipping with FedEx is quick and easy – and it is just as simple to set up.


Shipping with FedEx provides many time-saving and convenience benefits.

Take a look below and choose the option that best suits your needs.

Are you shipping for a company or as an individual?


Click on the link below to apply for a FedEx account, complete the form and receive a call back within 24hrs to discuss your business needs and see how FedEx can help you.



Send a parcel right away with your credit card, with or without account number. Opening an account number with your credit card offers benefits including address book and shipping history.

  If you don't have an account right now you can:




Already have a FedEx Account but not registered for online shipping? provides easy online shipping tools with additional functionalities, ideal for ad-hoc and frequent users.

Simply register by clicking the button to the right or read more about the several options and benefits.

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