EuroOne Regional Services

Improved Next-day Service within Europe

Euro1One Logo With the launch of the Euro, your opportunities for intra-European trade are greater than ever. To help meet your need for fast, reliable connections throughout the continent, FedEx has introduced an important service enhancement. Since September 27th 1999, FedEx offers an enhanced next-business-day service between hundreds of European cities, with later cut-off times and pickup capabilities (17.00-19.00) and improved delivery times.

Next-business-day service is available between select cities in UK, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Austria, and from main cities in Israel (cut-off time: 13.00), Greece (cut-off time: 14.30), Turkey (cut-off time: 18.30), Russia (cut-off time 15.00), Hungary (cut-off time: 15.30), Poland (cut-off time: 15.00), Bulgaria (cut-off time: 16.00), Czech Republic (cut-off time: 16.30), Slovenia (cut-off time: 15.00) and Slovak Republic (cut-off time: 14.00). The enhanced service is also available from these countries to Switzerland. Please contact us for more information on service availability from your location. Our fast next-day service gives your company unprecedented connectivity to European customers and suppliers. Shippers can optimize their delivery schedules, and simplify their operations by consolidating with FedEx.