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Connecting people and possibilities

Connecting people and possibilities

See how a business grows and a community thrives when a Colombian coffee farmer connects with a coffee shop owner in Asia.

Think Global, be Global

Gaining global growth

As a small business, expanding worldwide can seem daunting. But when you have the right support, the possibilities are endless.

Meet Poilâne

Discover how a beautiful French bakery delivers its fresh bread all over the world.

FedEx Shipping Services

Shipping Services

Find the right shipping solution for you and your business.

Discover how smart technology from around the world is connecting with engineers in Kenya
to keep water flowing and a village flourishing.

Greenlight success

Greenlight success

When you ship crucial parts with FedEx Aerospace Solutions, we provide flexibility and multiple service options to keep your supply chain moving – helping you get the green light to put your planes in the air.

Meet Visual Planet

Explore the possibilities this innovative touch-screen technology company have accessed all over the world.

Straightforward importing

Straightforward importing

This simple, efficient, and reliable solution helps you avoid customs delays and ensures timely delivery of your international packages.

Explore how e-commerce helps a traditional Italian hand-bag maker
find customers in new markets across the globe.

industry 4.0

The era of industry 4.0

Discover how technological and digital advances are driving a revolution in manufacturing.

Pothys' Story

After opening nearly a century ago, Pothys is now a thriving family-run business. Learn how it reaches new markets, customers and possibilities

FedEx Delivery Manager

Customize your deliveries

Explore FedEx Delivery Manager to elevate your delivery experience.

Watch how FedEx quickly deliver life-saving medical devices from Asia to Europe
making the world seem smaller and improving lives.

FedEx Healthcare

Connecting the world of care

The healthcare industry is full of opportunity, so reliable and trustworthy supply chains are needed more than ever.

Make up of make up

The Make Up of Makeup

Discover how a leading healthcare company is able to deliver its precious cargo to where it's needed most around the world.

Helping Healthcare Deliver

Helping Healthcare Deliver

When it comes to saving lives, FedEx customizes complex shipping solutions to your needs.

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