Say hello to simple.

Say hello to simple.

The new is here—and we'd love to share all that it has to offer you.

The new is here—and we'd love to share all that it has to offer you.

Designed for you.

Enjoy a simpler and more efficient experience. With all your favorite tasks exactly where you need them, and navigation that gets you exactly where you want to be in fewer steps, it’s a website that’s built for one audience: you.

Looking for help? Find it here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Saved website data (cache)

Please clear the temporarily cached web content (cache), so that new web pages can load and display correctly.

The temporarily cached web content (cache) can be cleared via the settings on your browser.
On Firefox, you can clear the cache as follows: Options > Privacy and Security > Cookies and Site Data > Clear Data.

Where can I find the Login box that I used to sign in to

Our new ‘Sign In’ menu is located on the top right corner of the homepage. You can log on using your corporate system username and password.

What happens to the items under Quick Access menu?

The Quick Access items can be accessed via the following navigation: 

Tasks Navigation/Access Points
Ship now
Shipping > Ship
Become a Customer
 Account > Open An Account
Shipping Services
Shipping > All Shipping Services
Get Rates and Transit Times
Shipping > Get Rates & Transit Times
Order Supplies
Shipping > Packaging & Shipping Supplies
Schedule and Manage Pickups Shipping > Schedule & Manage Pickups
Schedule Redelivery Shipping > Change Delivery Options
Manage Bills Online
Account > Manage Billing Online
Contact Us Support > Contact us

I rely on my browser to save my login credentials for the homepage, so that every time I visit the site it remembers me. Will the new design impact my current setting?

Your user login information will not be automatically populated when you first visit the redesigned site. You will need to type in your login credentials on the new site or reset your password if you’ve forgotten it. 

What happened to all the links on the homepage, header menu and footer?

While there are fewer links in the latest iteration of the header menu, you still have the ability to access all the information you could on the previous site. We recommend you take advantage of our on-site search capabilities to find what you need.

Will I still have access to all the applications I bookmarked in my browser?

Yes, you can still go directly to your bookmarked applications and log in.

How can I contact FedEx?

Our latest Customer Support page can be found within the Support link on the top navigation. 

Where do I find the latest shipping news?

On the homepage, you can find the latest FedEx news, updates, and service disruptions by scrolling below the fold on the homepage and reading “Latest News”.

Why do some web pages look different from others?

We are constantly enhancing our website to ensure we better meet your shipping needs, and aiding you to find information on We will continue to add newly designed pages over the coming months to improve website functionality.

I used to save user ID and password information on my browser so every time I visited, I already arrived on the after login site. Would there be any impact after the new site launch?

We are making changes to which may affect your login credentials. If you typically rely on the site or your browser to save your login information, it may not automatically populate when you first visit the updated site. Please re-enter your login credentials when you first visit and click “remember me” for future use.