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Find Compatible Solutions

Find Compatible Solutions

The business software you need with the
FedEx shipping solutions you trust.

The business software you need with the FedEx shipping solutions you trust.

Business software with FedEx integrated

Today's savvy businesses use a variety of software to make operations run seamlessly and efficiently.  FedEx Compatible software solutions have FedEx integrated in to provide access to shipping and other services you want, directly from the software you need.

Features and Benefits

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Take advantage of the peace of mind associated with a successful, marketplace-tested solution.

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Access shipping options and rates for FedEx without having to switch programs or re-enter information.

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Reduce costly keystroke errors.

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Forgo extensive employee training by shipping with the business software you use every day.

Why should you use FedEx Compatible solutions?

  • Work with the software applications you’re currently using.
  • Ship with more than one carrier from a single shipping system or location.
  • Use an existing FedEx Compatible third-party system with shipping functionality, combining customized integration needs into your system.
  • Use features and functionality not available through FedEx proprietary electronic shipping solutions.
  • Automate your e-commerce carts and marketplace shipments on eBay, Amazon.com, PayPal, Google Checkout or Yahoo.

Our Certified Compatible Solutions Providers:

*These providers are listed by supported origin market for outbound shipments.