Deliver with speed and convenience

Deliver with speed and convenience

Reach the world with FedEx

Global pickup points, door-to-door delivery and speedy services bring your e-commerce business closer to consumers in Europe, North America, Asia and beyond.

worldwide deliveries

Fast deliveries worldwide

With speedy services and retail connections across the world, you can reach key destinations like the US, Canada and parts of Asia quicker than ever.

Ship across Europe

Easy shipping across Europe

There are thousands of pickup and drop-off points throughout Europe – and with next day delivery, your customers can receive their orders quickly and conveniently.

domestic shipping

Flexible domestic shipping

Your customers have never had such a choice in Poland before. With next day service and FedEx Direct2Retail service - delivery to one of over 600 pickup points across Poland selected by the recipient, you'll give them the flexibility and choice they need.

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