FedEx® International Connect Plus Service (“FICP Service”)

a) Customer acknowledges and agrees that the FedEx® International Connect Plus service is exclusively for the transportation and delivery of international e-commerce shipments of goods purchased by/for the recipient consumer through Customer’s website or other e-commerce channels or online marketplaces.  Any shipment tendered to FedEx pursuant to the FICP Service must originate from the Customer’s designated address(es) and be destined for a recipient consumer in one of the approved destination countries as provided herein.  FedEx reserves the right to verify that Customer’s shipments are destined for consumers and reserves the right to terminate Customer’s participation in the FICP Service, without notice, in the event of breach of this or any other requirement set forth herein.            

b) Applicable pricing/discounting for the International Connect Plus service is set forth in the Express Pricing Attachment and the associated URL provided therein (the “Pricing Attachment”) of Customer’s transportation agreement (the “Agreement”).  The account names and numbers eligible for the FICP Service are also set forth in the Pricing Attachment. 

c) The FICP Service commences on the Effective Date (as said term is defined in the Agreement) and continues in full force and effect unless otherwise terminated in accordance with the terms of the Agreement or these FICP Service terms.

d) The Money-Back Guarantee Policy does not apply to shipments tendered under the FICP Service, and notwithstanding any provision in the Agreement or Pricing Attachment to the contrary, Customer is not entitled to file claims for Money-Back Guarantee for FICP shipments.

e) Where available, FedEx reserves the right to auto-redirect to hold (“ARTH”) any shipment to a location determined by FedEx (e.g. a retail pickup point location or locker alliance).  In some destinations, ARTH will be made prior to any delivery attempt.  When ARTH is utilized, the recipient will be made aware of the pick-up location and other pick-up information through a door tag or automated notice sent to his/her mobile device or email address.  FedEx reserves the right to release packages at residential delivery locations in the sole discretion of the courier, subject to the Service Guide (as defined in the Agreement).  Where not prohibited by applicable law, Customer shall provide FedEx with contact information (email address and mobile number) for recipient consumer in order to provide the recipient consumer the option to use FedEx Delivery Manager/FedEx Delivery Manager International to manage the delivery of the shipment. 

f) Customer acknowledges and agrees that Customer, as exporter of record, has full legal and financial responsibility for all export shipments tendered pursuant to the FICP Service, and FedEx will have no responsibility or obligation for the classification of exports or compliance with export control laws that apply to the exporter of record.

g) Customer acknowledges and agrees that it must be verified by FedEx as a known shipper before it is eligible to tender any International Connect Plus shipments for transport under the FICP Service. 

h) Only shipments to and from select permitted countries and territories are contemplated by the FICP Service, as set out herein.  FedEx reserves the right to add or eliminate permitted origin and destination countries and territories, and the pairings thereof, without prior notice. 

i) If requested by FedEx at any time, Customer agrees to cooperate with FedEx in the preparation of case studies and related marketing literature to highlight the benefits derived from Customer’s participation in the FICP Service; provided, however, that FedEx shall submit the text of such case studies and related literature to Customer for Customer’s review and consent prior to publication, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld.

j) In addition to items prohibited by the Service Guide, Customer is prohibited from tendering to FedEx perishable goods, merchandise for commercial, government, or military use, resale, or bulk orders (e.g. business-to-business shipments) through the FICP Service (each a “International Connect Plus Prohibited Item”).  In the event FedEx identifies an International Connect Plus Prohibited Item, FedEx reserves the right to return said package(s) to Customer at Customer’s expense or dispose of the package pursuant to the Service Guide.

k) In addition to termination rights set forth in this Agreement, either party may terminate Customer’s participation in the FICP Service at any time without cause and upon thirty (30) days’ prior written notice.