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Customs clearance: your essential checklist

Customs clearance: your essential checklist

Everything you need to know before shipping across borders

Everything you need to know before shipping across borders

The 6 steps to success


Have you completed your commercial invoice accurately (and included it with your shipment)?


Have you included your air waybill  with your shipment? Check what details you need to provide and ensure this is completed correctly. The details on your commercial invoice and air waybill must match.


Have you included any additional documentation that may be required, such as an export licence? Read our guide to other documents that may need to be included. 


Have you informed your receiver of any customs duties and taxes they will need to pay?


Have you checked whether there are any restrictions on the goods you are shipping in your destination country?


If you are shipping with FedEx for the first time, you may need to grant us Power of Attorney (PoA). This enables us to perform customs clearance on your behalf.

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How FedEx can help you

Once you’ve taken these steps, your shipment is ready to go. Remember, air waybills and commercial invoices can be created using our shipping tools. If you need further help completing any of the steps or require more details on preparing your shipment for successful customs clearance, please visit our Shipping Channel.