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Sending a package

Sending a package

Frequently asked questions

To schedule a pickup online you need to have a User ID, then you can schedule a pickup online.

Visit our New Customer Center to learn all you need to know about how to ship with FedEx. 

To get a quote for a specific package, use our Rate Tool.

  • If you are a shipper, when you prepare your shipment you can enable the FedEx Delivery Manager service to allow your overseas customers to customize and change their delivery date and location at no extra cost. Once this is enabled, your customers will receive a notification via email and/or SMS and can request for a change.
  • You may change the delivery address of your export shipment within the same city, but if you request to redirect your shipment from one city to another city, additional shipping charges will be applied.
  • Change of delivery address for an export shipment is an exception service, and we cannot make any assurances in its execution.
  • Make sure you have a valid FedEx account and a User ID.
  • Access our online shipping tool with your User ID to prepare air waybills and commercial invoices.

Visit our How to Pack guidance in our New Customer Center for tips and steps to pack your shipment.

Our FedEx Global Trade Manager and the Document Preparation Center provide you with a one-stop resource for international shipping information, including how to calculate estimated Duties and Taxes. 

You can reprint your air waybill within the next 12 hours after the air waybill was created.

Please go to the "Shipment History" page, click on the three vertical dots menu icon of the shipment you wish to reprint and select "Reprint". 

Visit our location page to find a FedEx location near you.

Choose from a variety of FedEx Shipping Services and find the best option that meets your shipping needs for either a critical document, package or freight internationally.  

Visit our How to order supplies guidance in our New Customer Center for tips and steps to order FedEx supplies.   Or you may order our supplies directly in our Supplies Request Form.

The status of your shipment will be updated in the FedEx system at various points between pickup and delivery. The status of a package may remain the same for more than 24 hours while the shipment is in transit. 

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