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Welcome to FedEx Office and print services

Welcome to FedEx Office and print services
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FedEx Office offers a complete line of business services relating to copying and digital printing. Options include binding and fulfillment services that make it easy to create, produce, and distribute presentations, brochures, and manuals.

Spend some time reviewing each section on this site to see how you can benefit from the FedEx Office network.

In addition to digital black & white and full-color copies on a wide array of paper stocks, FedEx Office offers a comprehensive suite of document services.

Large-format color is any full-color digitally printed image, such as a poster or trade show display, that measures larger than 11" x 17". These oversize color prints are a powerful communications tool that can be produced quickly and affordably at FedEx Office. Unlike traditional printing or silk-screening methods, which can be tremendously expensive, large-format color from FedEx Office can be produced inexpensively and in quantities as small as one poster.

Our signs and banners capabilities will ensure success at your next big community event or trade show. We have indoor (e.g., hanging over cubicles) as well as outdoor options. And, don't forget, we can also produce magnetic, cut-letter, and even metal signage.

Mounting on foam core gives your presentation, poster or other large-size production additional stability and durability. Easels are available to display your sign on a counter or table.

Whether you're producing a proposal, presentation materials, training manuals or reports, binding adds a professional polish that stapled corners and binder clips just can't match.

  • Coil – perfect for documents that will be opened and laid flat, or even folded back on itself.
  • Comb – perfect for easy addition/removal of pages, up to 450 pages deep; ideal for manuals.
  • Tape – permanent black tape strip on the left side; best with cardstock covers; lies flat for easy transport.
  • 3-ring clearview binders – great for policy and procedure manuals, large documents; generally includes a cover and spine.
  • Booklet – good for marketing materials and quick-reference guides; also known as saddle-stitching.
  • Perfect binding – best for annual reports and documents that require a highly polished look; similar to a paperback book with a “wraparound” full-color cover.

We can cut to any size (e.g., postcard); custom drill holes in documents to your specifications; pad with glue to hold documents together; fold brochures and handouts in half-fold, tri-fold, or z-fold; score documents, such as cardstock invitations, for better folding results; and perforate documents that require easy tear-off.

Our lamination comes in handy, not only for badge-hangers, but also for any other time that you want your document to be more durable (and even spill-proof).

FedEx Office provides turnkey fulfillment, from print to the post office, for print jobs that need to be mailed. Services include printing of the direct mail piece, insertion into envelopes, use of a non-profit mail permit, mail pre-sort, ink jetting of envelopes, and cleansing of your mailing database to ensure you only print, mail and spend money on postage to addresses validated by the USPS National Change of Address database. Consider asking FedEx Office to print and mail your next direct mail print job.

FedEx Office can produce low and high quantities of CDs and/or DVDs. CDs and DVDs provide not only document storage, but can also be a cost-effective way of sharing information, such as multimedia presentations and large-volume regulatory documentation, when printing is not preferred.

Whether it’s a simple text document or a full-color branded document, you need to convey a consistent, well-designed image to your customers. At FedEx Office, we make sure that your identity and corporate communications are well branded at every touch point.

Most orders can be completed in 24 hours or less, but turnaround times may vary based on the size and complexity of the order. Contact your local FedEx Office account representative or your nearest FedEx Office store to discuss your order.

The FedEx Office online print options can generally provide real-time pricing for your order when you select documents from the catalog or upload your own files for ordering. If your order cannot be quoted online or if you would like to discuss your order, please contact your account representative to receive a quote.

PDF files are preferred for their document integrity across platforms and users. However, other file types may also be submitted if a PDF is not possible. A team member will follow up with you if there are any questions regarding the file type submitted with your order.

Most FedEx Office stores offer local delivery services. Please review your delivery options at the time of order. Local delivery is available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding holidays. If your destination has special delivery requirements (e.g., mailroom, security gate, hotel), please include these details with your order.

Please call the producing store to cancel an order or reduce the quantity requested. If you need to add to your order, please place an additional order. The store contact information can be found in your order confirmation email.

Your FedEx Office account representative will assist with questions related to billing.

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