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Welcome to FedEx Office®

Welcome to FedEx Office®

A powerful printing and parcel management
network serving University of Notre Dame faculty and staff.

A powerful printing and parcel management
network serving University of Notre Dame faculty and staff.

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The University of Notre Dame alignment with FedEx Office connects faculty, staff and administrators to a seamless network, supporting Notre Dame’s business, communication, and document needs.

Our complete line of business services includes copying, digital printing, binding, direct mail and signage that make it easy to create, produce and distribute printed communication materials such as flyers, posters, banners, manuals, forms, brochures, direct mail projects, and much more!

About the University of Notre Dame and FedEx Office Print Services Site

The University of Notre Dame and FedEx Office have a long-standing business relationship that revolves around document and print services support, centrally managed and coordinated through our on-site location in the LaFortune Student Center.

Recently, significant enhancements have been made to the University of Notre Dame program. This site is designed to provide faculty, staff and administrators a central point of access to learn more about the print services provided by FedEx Office.

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Download Quick Reference Guide

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Order from your Online Document Catalog

FedEx Office offers the ability to create an online centralized repository of documents you can share with your department. Catalog documents have fixed printing and finishing specifications – simplifying the ordering process, and are printed on demand – reducing document storage and obsolescence.

To find out more, contact FedEx Office Regional Account Manager Heather Strange at Heather will set up a time to discuss your document management needs, and assess the value and benefits an online catalog may provide to your department.

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Financial Aid and Student Accounts DocStore Catalog

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IT Training DocStore Catalog

In addition to digital black & white and full-color copies on a wide array of paper stocks, FedEx Office offers a comprehensive suite of document services.

Large-format color is any full-color digitally printed image, such as a poster or trade show display, that measures larger than 11" x 17". These oversize color prints are a powerful communications tool that can be produced quickly and affordably at FedEx Office. Unlike traditional printing or silk-screening methods, which can be tremendously expensive, large-format color from FedEx Office can be produced inexpensively and in quantities as small as one poster.

Our signs and banners capabilities will ensure success at your next big community event or trade show. We have indoor (e.g., hanging over cubicles) as well as outdoor options. And, don't forget, we can also produce magnetic, cut-letter, and even metal signage.

Mounting on foam core gives your presentation, poster or other large-size production additional stability and durability. Easels are available to display your sign on a counter or table.

Whether you're producing a proposal, presentation materials, training manuals or reports, binding adds a professional polish that stapled corners and binder clips just can't match.

  • Coil – perfect for documents that will be opened and laid flat, or even folded back on itself.
  • Comb – perfect for easy addition/removal of pages, up to 450 pages deep; ideal for manuals.
  • Tape – permanent black tape strip on the left side; best with cardstock covers; lies flat for easy transport.
  • 3-ring clearview binders – great for policy and procedure manuals, large documents; generally includes a cover and spine.
  • Booklet – good for marketing materials and quick-reference guides; also known as saddle-stitching.
  • Perfect binding – best for annual reports and documents that require a highly polished look; similar to a paperback book with a “wraparound” full-color cover.

We can cut to any size (e.g., postcard); custom drill holes in documents to your specifications; pad with glue to hold documents together; fold brochures and handouts in half-fold, tri-fold, or z-fold; score documents, such as cardstock invitations, for better folding results; and perforate documents that require easy tear-off.

Our lamination comes in handy, not only for badge-hangers, but also for any other time that you want your document to be more durable (and even spill-proof).

FedEx Office provides turnkey fulfillment, from print to the post office, for print jobs that need to be mailed. Services include printing of the direct mail piece, insertion into envelopes, use of a non-profit mail permit, mail pre-sort, ink jetting of envelopes, and cleansing of your mailing database to ensure you only print, mail and spend money on postage to addresses validated by the USPS National Change of Address database. Consider asking FedEx Office to print and mail your next direct mail print job.

FedEx Office can produce low and high quantities of CDs and/or DVDs. CDs and DVDs provide not only document storage, but can also be a cost-effective way of sharing information, such as multimedia presentations and large-volume regulatory documentation, when printing is not preferred.

Whether it’s a simple text document or a full-color branded document, you need to convey a consistent, well-designed image to your customers. At FedEx Office, we make sure that your identity and corporate communications are well branded at every touch point.

FedEx Office can help you get coursepack material prepared and produced. Students can pick up their completed coursepacks at the LaFortune Student Center FedEx Office location. For more information, contact your Regional Account Manager Heather Strange at or call 1.614.512.6350. 

Q: What is FedEx Office Print On Demand?
A: FedEx Office Print On Demand is an online ordering system for printed documents. You can easily upload print projects to FedEx Office by clicking Send an Order Online in the left navigation window. The DocStore Catalog feature can store frequently ordered documents in our system for faster re-ordering. If your department has a need to store documents for users to order on a regular basis, contact FedEx Office to see if a DocStore Catalog could benefit you. 

Q: What are the benefits of using FedEx Office Print Online Corporate?
A: The benefits of POL-C include convenient access to FedEx Office services from your home or office. It allows you to be more productive and efficient by sending orders to FedEx Office right from your desktop.

Q: How do I pay for online orders?
A: Orders can be paid online by using your department FOAPAL number or by credit card.

Q: Can I have my order delivered or do I have to pick it up?
A: You may have your order delivered by selecting “FedEx Office Local Delivery” during checkout. If you wish to pick up your order at the producing center, select “Pick Up at FedEx Office” and choose either “LaFortune Student Center” or “SR-23 location” from the center selection menu (delivery is not available to residence halls).

Q: Where is my preferred FedEx Office located?
A: FedEx Office is located in the LaFortune Student Center and continues to serve Notre Dame from its location on SR-23.
Q: Can FedEx Office do Passport Photos?
A: FedEx Office in the LaFortune Student Center can take and print your passport photos while you wait – no appointment necessary. You can print an application, get your passport photos and ship via FedEx for expedited processing all at FedEx Office. 

For assistance contact Store Manager Ann Durrell at 1.574.631.6671 or email

Q: Will I be able to charge to my departmental account?

A: Yes. You may place an order and charge it to your department by using a valid FOAPAL number, including your Notre Dame ID (NDID) number (from University issued ID card). When using your FOAPAL number, you do not need to have a separate check request processed.

Q: Will FedEx Office pick up the materials I need copied?
A: Yes. FedEx Office has a morning (10 a.m.) and afternoon (2 p.m.) pick-up and delivery run. However, arrangements can be made for a pick-up at any time by calling the LaFortune Student Center location at 574.631.6671.

Q: What delivery options are available?
A: You may request local delivery and FedEx Office will deliver your completed copy request to your department, or you may pick up your order at any of our 1900+ producing centers, if that is more convenient for you.

Q: Does FedEx Office offer graphic design services?
A: Yes. Graphic design services are provided at the SR-23 FedEx Office location at an additional charge. Please call the LaFortune Student Center location at 1.574.631.6671 to discuss your project and request a quote for your graphic design needs.

Q: Does FedEx Office offer wide-format capabilities?
A. Yes. FedEx Office completes all wide-format printing at the SR-23 location and will coordinate the pick-up and delivery of your order through the LaFortune Student Center if that is more convenient for you.

Q: Can I get Notre Dame pricing at the SR-23 FedEx Office location?
A. Yes. Notre Dame discounted pricing is honored at the SR-23 store – just show your valid Notre Dame I.D. card when placing your order. In addition, you may request a Discount Card in the navigation pane at left to receive discounted pricing at any of our 1900+ locations nationwide.

Q: What are standard turn-around times?
A. Most work is completed between 4 and 24 hours, depending on the requirements of your project.

Q: Does this replace the Canon copy contract?
A. No. Canon is the University’s preferred office printer/copier equipment provider, while FedEx Office is the University’s preferred print/copy services provider.

Q: What shipping services are provided by FedEx Office?
A. FedEx Office locations, including the LaFortune Student Center location, provide full-service packing and shipping services for both domestic and international packages.

Q: What are my payment options with FedEx Office on campus?
A. You may charge an order to your department account, FOAPAL number, or pay by cash/credit card. Additionally, students are able to charge to their Domer Dollar account.

Q: Are payment options different at the SR-23 store?
A. Yes. The SR-23 FedEx Office and Print Center does not accept Domer Dollars as a form of payment. However, all other payment options, including FOAPAL numbers, are accepted at the SR-23 location.

Q: What are the hours of operation?
A. The LaFortune Student Center location is open from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. M-TH, F 8 a.m.-5 p.m. (SUMMER HOURS M-F 8 a.m.-5 p.m.) and is CLOSED Saturday and Sunday. The SR-23 location is open weekdays 7 a.m.-10 p.m., Saturday 8 a.m.-8 p.m., and Sunday 10 a.m.-8 p.m.

Q: What type of files can FedEx Office work with?
A. FedEx Office can accommodate almost any type of file, but for best printing results, a high resolution Adobe PDF file is preferred. Also preferred are source files in Microsoft Office, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. FedEx Office Print Online Corporate works best with either PDF or Microsoft Office files.

Q: How do I get a price quote for a project?
A. When using FedEx Office Print Online Corporate ordering tool, you will see a price quote as you build your project, for most standard print requests. If special instructions are entered, you can contact the FedEx Office On-Site staff for a price quote and proof upon placing your order. For a project quote prior to placing an order, please contact the FedEx Office On-Site staff.

Q: Is there a local Customer Service Specialist available to meet with me and discuss complex print needs, provide more information about the University of Notre Dame Print Services Program, or discuss a print solution?
A. Yes, just contact the store at 1.574.631.6671 or or Regional Solutions Consultant DeeAnne Locsi at 1.574.261.9026 or


Q: Can FedEx Office help me with my coursepacks?
A. Coursepack orders are placed via XanEdu and printed at the FedEx Office in the LaFortune Student Center. Faculty should submit coursepack orders four weeks prior to the start of classes to ensure adequate time to secure rights, generate coursepack files, and printing. If you have questions about the coursepack ordering process, contact XanEdu representative Rochelle Hockenberger at or call 1.800.218.5971, ext 6510.

Within Notre Dame, for any FedEx Office issues, please contact:

Jonathan Hall
Phone: 1.574.631.5259


For any FedEx Office information or consultation on a project, please contact:

DeeAnne Locsi
Regional Solutions Consultant
Phone: 1.574.261.9026 

On Campus Lower Level - LaFortune Student Center
Phone: 1.574.631.6671
Monday—Thursday: 8:00 AM—6:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM—5:00 PM
Saturday—Sunday: Closed

Summer hours
Monday—Friday: 8:00 AM—5:00 PM

FedEx Office of South Bend
2202 South Bend Avenue, Suite C
South Bend, IN 46635
Phone: 1.574.271.0398
Weekdays: 7:00 AM—10:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM—8:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM—8:00 PM

FedEx Office Customer Service Hotline

For questions about the FedEx Office program, please contact:

Heather Strange
Regional Account Manager
Phone: 1.614.512.6350

DeeAnne Locsi
Regional Solutions Consultant
Phone: 1.574.261.9026 

See your FedEx Office Customer Account Program Agreement for program terms and details.