October Edition


Introducing Anna, your New Virtual Assistant

Meet your new Virtual Assistant, Anna. She can provide you with the information you need at any time.

She‘s been specially trained to hold intelligent, two-way conversations with you - using entirely natural language.

She's always ready and waiting to answer your questions, too. That means you can chat online with her whenever you need to, morning, noon or night. Besides helping you navigate your way around fedex.com, she is especially good at providing key information and answers to your queries about billing, tracking, shipping and FedEx business services in general.

Anna is also linked to our live web-chat facilities during normal Customer Service hours. That means that if she can't provide you with all the information you require, you can immediately speak to one of Anna's human colleagues to explain and discuss your precise needs.

Next time you're using fedex.com and need help, don't hesitate to speak with Anna - she'll be happy to help!

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