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  • FedEx Express Launches SenseAware in Middle East

FedEx Express Launches SenseAware in Middle East

FedEx Express has launched its award-winning service, SenseAware®, in the United Arab Emirates1. The UAE is the first country in the Middle East to implement the innovative near real-time2 solution for businesses shipping time-sensitive and high-value products.

SenseAware combines an online application with a multi-sensor device to provide customers with live3 tracking, visibility and insight directly from their packages. In addition to location monitoring, SenseAware can also monitor temperature, light exposure, humidity levels, shock and barometric pressure. Customers will receive regular alerts informing them of the current status of their shipment and possible concerns, such as the package approaching its temperature limit or if it has been opened and exposed to the external environment. This gives customers the opportunity to intervene and control their shipment before reaching its final destination. Customers will also benefit from a documented audit trail for regulatory processes, as well as the global expertise of FedEx for quick customs clearance.

“The UAE is witnessing phenomenal growth across sectors such as aviation, pharmaceuticals and luxury goods, which require critical information on their packages to be shared as swiftly and accurately as possible,” said David Ross, senior vice-president of FedEx Express Middle East, Indian Subcontinent & Africa operations. “SenseAware is a first of its kind online information service that provides customers with end-to-end visibility from packaging to delivery of their sensitive products, allowing them to make better and timelier business decisions.”

SenseAware is relevant for a range of industries including healthcare, aerospace, oil and gas, manufacturing and fashion, which require instant access to highly valuable products. SenseAware can be combined with FedEx industry-specific shipping solutions such as FedEx Priority Alert® and FedEx® Aerospace Solutions. This makes it ideal for transporting aircraft technology that can be damaged from shock if not treated with extra care, irreplaceable laboratory samples that can be destroyed as a result of temperature changes or haute couture clothes that need protection from humidity.

The SenseAware 2000 device also supports a dry ice probe which monitors temperatures ranging from -80°C to +60°C (-112°F to +140°F) and a cryogenic probe which can monitor shipments from -195°C to +60°C (-319°F to +140°F).

For a current list of approved carriers and countries or for further information about SenseAware please visit For information regarding benefits of SenseAware for the healthcare industry, please click here, and for information on benefits for the aerospace industry, please click here.

1 Subject to certain service restrictions. Some restrictions may apply for a specific airline or lane.
2 & 3 SenseAware devices are designed to suspend transmission of data during flight, although they continue to monitor and store data. See for further details.

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