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  • FedEx offers an alternative for the shortage of ships to Asia

FedEx offers an alternative for the shortage of ships to Asia

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Insufficient capacity on seagoing ships*

If you export to countries/territories such as Thailand and South Korea and opt for sea transport, you are currently being confronted by long waiting times. The likelihood is also great that your customers cannot wait for your delivery. FedEx offers a solution for these capacity problems.

No longer the need to wait

With FedEx International Economy® your goods already arrives in Asia within 4 to 6 days** - whether this be Japan, Hong Kong, China or Singapore. All logistical activities from the collection of your parcels/freight to customs processing and delivery are also taken care of by FedEx. You can also simply follow your shipment on the way with our handy tracking service.

Do your goods have to get there even faster? With FedEx International Priority® your shipments with a weight of up to 68 kg are already in 30 Asian countries/territories within 2-3 days**. Freight with a weight up to 1,000 kg only takes 1 day longer**. You can also trust in our unique AsiaOne network, with which you can already deliver the following day within Asia thanks to 230 weekly flights. So there is no longer the need to wait. See the FedEx website today for more information.

* Source : fd.nl; Actu Transport Logistique
** Transit and delivery times can vary depending on the location of origin and destination and the nature of the goods sent. You can contact our customer service for more information.

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