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Duties and Taxes

Duties and Taxes

Why do I have to pay Duty and Tax?

Because you are probably not familiar with a VAT and/or import duties invoice, we made a list of all frequently asked questions below. The FAQ will explain what all these duties are about.

Do you have any more questions? Please contact Customer Service.

What is VAT and what are import duties?

VAT and import duties are taxes which may apply to products imported from countries/territories outside the European Union.

Import duties are a way to protect countries/territories against cheaper products from third countries/territories. Besides import duties you will also usually have to pay value added tax (VAT). For more information about other possible costs related to your shipment, click here and go to ‘possible costs related to shipments’.


Who pays these taxes?

VAT and import duties are payable by the receiver, unless the sender or third party specified on the air waybill that he accepts the costs.


What is a disbursement fee?

FedEx pays the Duty and Tax charges to the customs authorities on your behalf so that your goods can clear customs.

This incurs a Disbursement Fee, dependent on the Duty and Tax amount, as follows:

Duty & Tax Amount Disbursement Fee
€0 to €50 30% of the Duty & Tax amount with a minimum of €5.00
€50 to €600 A flat fee of €15.00
Above €600 2.5% of the Duty and Tax amount


Why do I receive an invoice for VAT and/or import duties?

You imported a shipment through FedEx. FedEx advanced these duties and charges them to you by means of an invoice. When goods are imported through FedEx, customs formalities obviously still have to be fulfilled. In most cases FedEx will take care of the customs formalities for you. Besides any taxes you may owe, FedEx also charges expenses (see disbursement fee).

Why did FedEx not tell me about it when the shipment was delivered?

FedEx handles a €150 credit limit for private persons and €750 for companies with a valid VAT registration for the first shipment. If the duties are higher, we will give you an estimate of the VAT and/or import duties before your shipment is delivered. For the next shipment we handle a limit on the basis of payment behaviour.

I already paid VAT when I bought the product from the supplier.

The VAT you pay to the supplier of the product is unrelated to the VAT you pay when you import the product in Belgium. This tax is levied by the national government. The VAT at import is calculated on the basis of the value of the goods, the total freight costs of the shipment and customs duties.


I have paid the VAT and/or import rights in advance.

You have paid an estimated amount of VAT and/or import duties for your shipment. This estimate was made before the shipment was effectively imported. If the estimated amount is lower than the actual taxes, we ask you to pay the difference. FedEx always follows the instructions specified on the air waybill. If anything is not clear with regard to the advance payments, please contact the sender.


According to me the sender has already paid all costs for this shipment.

The VAT and/or import duties are only paid when imported in the country/territory of destination. The sender indicates on the air waybill who will pay the import duties and VAT. If anything is unclear, please contact the sender.

I am a temporary visitor in Belgium

You still have to pay these taxes, but you may be able to recover the costs as soon as you leave Belgium. This depends on the specific shipment and does not apply to private persons. For more information please refer to the Belgian Customs website

Please feel free to call our customer service for more information on 02 752 75 75.


I bought the goods online

The prices advertised on websites outside the EU are usually exclusive of the taxes imposed in Belgium and the EU.

Please refer to the website of the tax administration for more information.


The shipment is a gift

Shipments with a value of up to €45 are exempted of import duties and VAT when the following criteria are met:

  • The shipment is sent from a private person to a private person.
  • The sender is a private person and the address of the receiver is a private address.
  • The shipment has an incidental character.
  • The nature and quantity of the shipment is such that the shipment is not of a commercial nature.
  • The goods are sent by the sender without requiring payment.
  • The air waybill and the pro forma invoice must contain the word ‘gift’.
  • The pro forma invoice must also contain a full description and the value of the shipment.

Goods to which excise duties apply, like tobacco and alcohol, are exempt of the exemption up to €45.


The shipment contains samples

Samples can be imported in Belgium without levying VAT and/or import rights when the following criteria are met:

  • The content of the shipment is unsuitable for sale;
  • The content of the shipment has a negligible value;

This information must be stated on the invoice and on all other paperwork belonging to the shipment. With this information customs can clear the shipment on the basis of correct data. Click here for more information.


My goods are second-hand

VAT and/or import duties are levied on goods regardless of their age or previous owner. If you buy an authentic work of art special tariffs apply if the goods meet the right criteria.

How do I refuse a shipment?

In order to be classified as a ‘refused shipment’ the shipment must meet the following criteria:

  • The goods are faulty or damaged or the goods do not meet the supplier’s conditions or contractual provisions.
  • All claims have to be made before the shipments are returned or destroyed.
  • All claims must be reported within 21 calendar days after the import took place.

You will need to pay any Duties and Taxes to FedEx, after which you can submit the claim for rejecting the shipment directly to the Belgium customs. Click here for contact information or call our customer service on 02 752 75 75.

I want more information about VAT and import rights.

Click on the links below for more information about:


I have a general question about my invoice or about my account.

Click here for contact information or call our customer service on 02 752 75 75.

More information on an ET14000 licence and how to defer your VAT

If your query is related to EU VAT changes then please visit our dedicated page here.

How to pay

Bank's automated clearing system

Contact and bank details Belgium

By bank transfer:

Name: FedEx Express Belgium International BVBA
Bank: KBC Bank NV
IBAN: BE34 7370 4865 9990

When transferring the money it is important to specify the invoice number in the comments field. If you want to be sure of the correct processing of your payments when paying several invoices together, please e-mail a payment specification to

Online Payment

Online Payment

Have you received an email or SMS from us requesting you to pay Duty and Tax? If so please refer back to the message and use the link in the email or SMS to make your payment.

Do you have a Duty and Tax invoice to pay? If so please pay it quickly and securely using our Online Payment portal.

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Pay by cheque

Direct debit

You can pay by means of a direct debit mandate with ongoing authorisation. The necessary documents are available at our collections department on 0032 2 752 7988or 0032 2 752 7488 or send your request by e-mail to

All information is correct at time publication and FedEx accept no responsibility for information relating to third party contact details changing without prior notice. Customs make the final decision on all imports. Terms and conditions regarding your FedEx invoice are available by clicking here.