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Burundi Service Update - 20 May, 2015

Due to the current social unrest in Burundi, FedEx Express is experiencing services delays to and from the country.

Conciliation body

The conciliation body – established by the Mail Commission – offers swift, extrajudicial proceedings in cases where a customer and a provider of postal services fail to solve a dispute.

It is the conciliation body’s purpose to settle disputes between the parties and to avoid expensive and time-consuming proceedings before judicial authorities.

Each party (either the client or the provider of postal services) may call upon the conciliation body.

The party approaching the conciliation body is required to pay a handling fee for the examination of the case. Nevertheless, the provider of postal services bears the costs of the proceedings less the handling fee. If, however, the conciliation body's decision is in favor of the client, the provider of postal services must refund the handling fee to the client.

The parties are not bound by the decisions handed down by the conciliation body and may bring the proceedings before the competent Civil Court.

The address of the conciliation body is the following:

Ombud - PostCom
Postfach 243
3074 Muri
Tel. 031 951 02 07
Fax 031 951 02 03


Service Suspension in Syria – 7 February, 2012


In compliance with the new U.S. Executive Order and with immediate effect, all inbound and outbound services to and from Syria are suspended until further notice.