Billing / Invoice FAQ's

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How to understand your Customs Duties and import Taxes invoice?

Please click here to get all the details.

How can I register for invoicing online access?

Please click on this link and follow the detailed instructions:

What methods of payments may I use for my shipment and where do I send it?

If the shipments are billed to your FedEx account, you can pay for all FedEx Express services by:

Please email a remittance advice to or fax to 01 49 39 61 77.

Bank: BNP Paribas
IBAN: FR76 3000 4024 1400 0102 9666 568
Account number: 30004 02414 00010296665 68

IMPORTANT! Please include your invoice number when making the payment.

Credit or Debit Card
Call Customer Service on 0820 123 800 with your invoice number available.

Make your cheque payable to:

and send to:
TSA 91647
91764 Palaiseau Cedex

Please include details of your payment.

The cash payment is possible in authorized FedEx agencies. In agencies where the cash payment is not accepted, you can pay by check or credit card, or debit a valid FedEx account number which the balance is in credit.

For additional information, see the FedEx Conditions of Carriage by clicking here.

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How is the Duty & Taxes calculated?

The calculation is based on the declared value provided by shipper for Customs, please contact our customer service to get the exact detail at phone number 0820 123 800. The declared value of the goods made by the sender for Customs is converted into € using the exchange rate published monthly in the Journal Officiel by the Ministère des Finances.

Customs Duties are calculated: + value of goods part of the transportation costs. Customs Duties The rate is determined by the nature of the goods.

The import VAT is calculated on: the value of all the goods + transport costs + the amount of Customs duties.

IMPORTANT! FedEx invoice administrative costs. These fees are available here. In these administrative fees are added 20% VAT.

These costs are justified by the management of the file with the administration of Customs and the cash advance.

The Duty & Taxes charge is incorrect. How do I dispute this?

You need to file a claim at our Customs department level. A copy of the invoice with all the supporting documents need to be returned to be able to file a dispute at the French Customs. This can be done:

By email:

By letter to:
Federal Express International (France)
Services Financiers Clients
125-135 avenue Louis Roche
92238 Gennevilliers Cedex

Can I link my account to my credit card?

Yes. You will subsequently receive regular Activity Records from FedEx detailing all your shipments instead of invoices and all your shipping charges will automatically appear on your credit card statement. If you currently receive invoices, and want to link your account to a credit card, please call Customer Service at 0820 123 800.

Why have I been charged for an ancillary service fee?

The whole list of ancillary fees is available here.

Why do I receive 2 invoices for the same shipment?

There are 2 billing options on a FedEx Airwaybill: 1 option for the freight charges, 1 option for the Duty and Tax charges. These charges are always billed on a separate invoice.

  • Freight invoice: on this invoice FedEx charges you the transportation costs to send a shipment.
  • Duty and tax invoice: this invoice is the charge FedEx has to pay to French Customs to have your shipment declared.

If any clarification needed, please feel free to contact our Customer Service at 0820 123 800.

How do I receive a refund or adjustment to my invoice?

Please contact our Customer Service at 0820 123 800 or by email to

I received an invoice but it does not show my discount/correct price.

Please check if weight and service correspond with the information on your Airwaybill, a dimensional weight may be applied. If it matches, then please contact our Customer Service at 0820 123 800 or send an email to and precise invoice and Airwaybill number. If possible, please mention an additional remark of the reason (difference with the prices received from the Sales Department, difference with the prices mentioned at pickup request, etc...).

My shipment has been delivered late and I would like to claim reimbursement of the transportation charges.

If our commitment regarding the delivery time has not been respected, you may claim for the reimbursement of the transportation charges (subject to the provisions of the FedEx Conditions of Carriage) by clicking on the following link :

To learn more about our terms and conditions, please read the Money-Back Guarantee Policy section.

What is a dimensional weight and how do you calculate this?

Only FedEx packaging are not submitted to dimensional weight. His calculation is: (length x width x heigth in cm) / 5000.

FedEx reserves its right to control all the shipments and apply a rate adjustment on transport charges according to the dimensional weight applied based on above calculation.

Can I have a statement of my account?

This is handled by the Credit and Collection Department. Please use one of the contact methods below:

Phone: 0820 123 800 (service 0,12 €/min. + call cost)

Fax: 33 1 49 39 61 77


Write us:
FedEx Collection Department
125-135 avenue Louis Roche
92238 Gennevilliers, Cedex

How can I request a copy of my invoice, Airwaybill or credit note?

Please contact our Customer Service at 0820 123 800 or send an email to and mention your invoice and/or airwaybill number.

I would like to send, track or quote a package.

Please contact our Customer Service at 0820 123 800 or by email at

Can my invoice be sent to an additional or alternate address?

Yes this is possible, you should contact our Customer Services to communicate the needed details. You can call the general number 0820 123 800 or send an email to

How to claim if payment done but not yet applied?

Please send all the payment details (invoice number, payment method, etc...) by email to

How can I open or update a customer account?

Please click here and follow the instructions. If needed, you can contact our Customer Service at 0820 123 800 or send an email to

How do I fill in my AWB?

You can find all details by clicking here. Our Customer Service always remains at your disposal at 0820 123 800.

How is the fuel surcharge calculated?

The fuel surcharge is not a fix charge but rated on a monthly basis and can be checked here.

What is the mailing, email address to reach the Invoicing Department?

Please use one of the contact methods below:

Fax: 33 1 49 19 86 18


Write to:
Federal Express International (France)
Customer Financial Services
125-135 avenue Louis Roche
92238 Gennevilliers Cedex