FedEx Dangerous Goods

FedEx offers a comprehensive Dangerous Goods service to key European, Middle Eastern, North American and Asian markets and includes the following benefits:

  • Fast transit times
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Customs clearance
  • Complete shipment tracking and tracing
  • Proof of delivery
  • FedEx Money-Back Guarantee*

Our team of highly trained specialists will be glad to provide you with all necessary information and assistance to help ensure that your shipment moves safely and reliably.

What weights can we carry?

  • Intra-European: Max. 1000 kg per piece
  • Inter-Continental: Max. 1000 kg per piece

How long does it take to deliver?**

  • Europe: 2 days
  • US: 2 days
  • Asia: 3 days
  • South America: 3 days

What packaging do I need?

You are responsible for the packaging and labelling of the Dangerous Goods shipments and they must comply with IATA regulations. The following information must be provided****:
  • UN-number (identification number of Dangerous Goods)
  • Proper shipping name
  • Hazard label
  • Name and address of shipper and consignee
Please note: Dry Ice packages also need to show the net weight of Dry Ice in kilos.

Do I need to fill in documents other than an Air Waybill?

You need to use the International Expanded Air Waybill and must fill in a Shipper's Declaration (see IATA regulations).

Below are the differences for Dry Ice and other Dangerous Goods Classes:

  • If Dry Ice is used to refrigerate Dangerous Goods:
    • 'YES' on AWB for containing Dangerous Goods
    • Shipper's Declaration required
    • Dangerous Goods surcharge applies
  • If Dry Ice is used to refrigerate non-Dangerous Goods:
    • 'YES' on AWB for containing non-Dangerous Goods
    • Shipper's Declaration not required
    • Dangerous Goods surcharge does not apply

** Contact Customer Service for precise transit times and coverage.
*** Per IATA definitions.
**** See IATA Dangerous Goods regulations for full procedure.

What can we carry?

  • Explosives - Only Class 1.4 S to/from certain countries/territories
  • Gases - Classes 2.1 and 2.2 accepted, Class 2.3 not accepted
  • Flammable Liquids - Accepted
  • Flammable Solids - Accepted
  • Oxidizers, Organic Peroxides - Accepted
  • Poisonous and Infectious Substances - Classes 6.1 I and 6.1 II only with special packing, Classes 6.1 III and 6.2 accepted
  • Radioactive Materials - Not accepted
  • Corrosive Materials - Accepted in most cases
  • Miscellaneous Hazards (Dry Ice) - Accepted

Whaere can we carry to?*

Country/Territory Dangerous Goods Dry Ice
Antigua No Yes
Argentina Yes Yes
Aruba Yes Yes
Austria Yes Yes
Bahamas Yes Yes
Barbados Yes Yes
Belgium Yes Yes
Brazil No Yes
Canada Yes Yes
Chile No Yes
Curacao No Yes
Czech Republic Yes Yes
Denmark No Yes
Dominican Republic No No
Finland Yes Yes
France Yes Yes
Germany Yes Yes
Hungary Yes Yes
Indonesia No Yes
Ireland Yes Yes
Israel Yes Yes
Italy Yes Yes
Japan No No
Korea (South) Yes Yes
Liechtenstein Yes Yes
Luxembourg Yes Yes
Monaco Yes Yes
Netherlands Yes Yes
Panama No Yes
Philippines Yes Yes
Portugal No Yes
St Maarten Yes Yes
Singapore Yes Yes
Spain Yes Yes
Sweden No Yes
Switzerland Yes Yes
Thailand No Yes
Trinidad and Tobago Yes Yes
United Kingdom Yes Yes
United States Yes Yes
Uruguay No Yes
US Virgin Islands Yes Yes
Venezuela No Yes

* Contact Customer Service for precise coverage.