Shipping Tools

FedEx offers a complete suite of easy-to-use free shipping tools, designed to meet your needs and match your shipping preferences. These tools can help you automate your shipping, saving you valuable time and simplifying the whole shipping process:

Save Time

  • Schedule a courier pick-up
  • Get rates and transit times
  • Save frequently used information

No Fuss

  • No phone calls
  • No handwriting
  • Reduced re-work

Peace of Mind

  • Automated status updates
  • Increased accuracy
  • Help and support

Shipping Tools

Our shipping tools are divided into two major categories: online and offline. Check below to see which shipping tool best meets your needs.

In addition, you can use our tracking tools to find out the status of your shipments.


FedEx Ship Manager™ Lite FedEx Ship Manager™ at
Customer profile
  • New or infrequent shipper
  • Requires simplicity and guidance
  • Frequent shipper, several packages per day
  • Requires additional features
  • Prepare a shipment (Air Waybill)
  • 1 package up to 68kg per shipment
  • Get rates and transit times
  • Schedule a pick-up
  • Receive automated status notifications

All FedEx Ship Manager Lite features, PLUS:

  • Integrated customs documentation
  • Multiple packages in one shipment
  • Freight shipments (above 68kg )
  • Address book
  • Shipping history & reporting
  • FedEx account: Yes
  • Login: No*
  • Internet connection: Low bandwidth or Broadband
  • FedEx account: Yes
  • Login: Yes
  • Internet connection: Broadband preferred

Quick & easy,
Ship immediately with your FedEx account in four simple steps

Save time & reduce administration,
store frequently used shipping data Peace of mind with access to reports and shipping history

  Ship Now Get a Login

* Note: List rates are shown as a default. Your shipment will be billed with your account-specific rates, which you can review by logging in to your account. To log in, click the ‘Ship Now’ button above and click “Login” before entering your shipping details.


If you prefer to work offline, FedEx Ship Manager® Software is likely to meet your shipping needs.


FedEx Ship Manager™ Server
Customer profile

Customers who have an absolute need for integration and high speed processing.

Customers who have IT/developer resources to integrate their own existing software with the customer-hosted FedEx system functionality.

For customized solutions, contact your FedEx Sales Executive.

Tracking Tools

FedEx Tracking Tools enable you to find out the status of your shipments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without having to call FedEx customer service. This will help you save time and obtain an electronic proof of your shipment status, which you can forward as you wish. All of our shipping tools provide full tracking capabilities. In addition, specific tools are available to allow tracking through the internet and email.

Internet tracking – Internet Tracking allows you to query and obtain package status information via for up to 30 shipments simultaneously. Detailed tracking results can be forwarded to up to three email addresses. Select "Track" on the FedEx homepage. You can track your packages at any time from any place in the world.

E-mail tracking – You can track the status of your shipments using the convenience of email. Just send an email to from anywhere in the world to receive detailed tracking information on up to 30 Air Waybills with one request. Within minutes results are received and can be forwarded to as many parties as necessary.

FedEx Web Services – FedEx Web Services is the next generation API for integrating software applications with FedEx Systems. From a business and product planning standpoint, FedEx Web Services is an ideal choice for integration. Essentially, they are a collection of programming technologies that allows users to build customized solutions for application integration.

FedEx InSight® – FedEx InSight® is a new online shipment visibility application. Using your company's account number(s), InSight provides actionable status information about your shipments. It automatically tracks your incoming, outgoing and third party payer shipments (without a tracking number) and can immediately notify you via email of delivery, clearance delays and attempted delivery.