Shipping solutions for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Precise transit times for blood samples are vital. The extreme fragility of equipment like EKG machines makes careful handling imperative. Clinical tests must be kept below -50 degree C from pick-up to delivery. The integrity of packaging hazardous materials must be guaranteed. That is why we provide temperature-controlled solutions.

This is an industry where products are highly regulated and controlled, and where proper documentation, accurate labelling and specific commodity description are absolute mandates. FedEx can assist by negotiating the complexity of your international supply chain — easing customs clearance, consolidating and monitoring shipments and even helping with distribution and service after the sale has been made, ensuring that all the pieces are working in harmony.

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In the meantime, here are just a few of the services we offer to support our customers in healthcare.

Key shipping services for this industry

Cold Chain Services
When your shipment must stay cool from pickup to delivery, you can count on FedEx.
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FedEx® Transportation Management
Optimise the management of your international shipments across all modes of transportation.
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FedEx International Priority DirectDistribution®
Consolidate multiple pieces from a single origin country location to multiple recipients in a single destination country (Single Point Of Clearance service) with cleared customs.
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FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics®
A comprehensive, end-to-end solution designed to optimise the management of your critical inventory and service parts distribution and returns process.
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FedEx® Fulfillment Services
Integrated fulfillment services that facilitate inbound, outbound and reverse logistics.
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FedEx® Returns Management Services
A flexible, multi-channel suite of solutions allowing customers control of the returns process.
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