FedEx Temperature Control Solutions

FedEx Temperature Control Solutions

FedEx Temperature Control Solutions

Safeguard the integrity of your temperature-sensitive shipments

Even a slight change in temperature can compromise your shipment’s integrity. From keeping specimens cold to protecting pallets from freezing, FedEx has a temperature control solution for your healthcare shipping needs.

Domestic packaging

Packaging Type Product Description Temperature Range External Vol.
in Kg*
Frozen Dry Ice – Validated Medpak Frozen 5 -20 to -70°C 5.8
Medpak Frozen 10 -20 to -70°C 10.4
Packaging – Validated
Medpak Cool 5 +15 to +25°C
+2 to +8°C
Medpak Thermo 13 +15 to +25°C
+2 to +8°C
Medpak Thermo 20 +15 to +25°C
+2 to +8°C
Medpak Thermo 28 +15 to +25°C
+2 to +8°C

*External volume calculated LxBxH in cm divided by 5000

International packaging

Packaging Option Benefits and Features
C-Safe Compressor Container (4°C to 25°C)
  • Eliminates the need for dry ice and associated challenges
  • Maintains a consistent internal temperature in the payload compartment
Dry Ice Container/ Envirotainer (0°C to +25°C) 
  • Choose and hold shipment temperature set points
  • Monitor temperature from pick-up to delivery 
  • Count on controlled positioning in the aircraft
Cold Shipping Package (2°C to 8°C)
  • Choose from various sizes – small, medium and large
  • Standard duration unit (all three sizes) offers up to 96 hours of temperature control, depending on external temperature
FedEx® Thermal Blanket Solution (15°C to 25°C)
  • End-to-end solution – no blankets to buy or training required
  • Covers perishable cargo during transportation
  • Stabilizes the cargo’s temperature and shields it from weather fluctuation
  • Provides priority uplift in transit monitoring
FedEx® UN 3373 Pak and FedEx Clinical Pak
  • Safely transport infectious substances, non-infectious human or animal clinical samples, and FDA-approved pharmaceuticals containing biological substances
Va-Q-tainer (-60°C to +25°C)
  • Advanced passive alternative for temperature-controlled shipments of pharmaceutical and biotechnological goods
  • Achieves three times higher performance than active containers through the combination of vacuum insulation and phase change material
  • Types: va-Q-Case Half Euro, va-Q-tainer Euro, va-Q-tainer US and va-Q-tainer XL