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EuroOne™ Network

FedEx launched the EuroOne™ network in 1999. Through an extended Europe ground and flight network, including two major hubs located in Paris, France and Cologne, Germany, FedEx EuroOne™ offers better connectivity and delivery times to and from hundreds of European cities to major Asian markets.

In 2013 about 40% of EU imports came from Asian countries and the main destination for EU exports was Asia, representing about one third of the total1. To meet the increased customer demand for shipments between Europe and Asia, FedEx utilizes wide-bodied aircraft to connect our EuroOne™ network with major Asian markets. With extensive coverage and unparalleled connectivity on the ground, FedEx offers tailored, flexible, global shipping solutions to make your life easier and your business more profitable.

With FedEx, your shipments between major Asian markets and hundreds of cities in Europe can be delivered in one2 to four business days. To check our EuroOne™ service coverage or transit times, please go to our ‘Get Rates and Transit Time’ online application.

1Source: European Commission – Eurostat “Extra-EU trade in goods”, May 2014.

2Selected cities and day of week only. Terms and conditions apply.

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