Tips for Original Shippers

  • Tips for Original Shippers from Singapore

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Tips for Original Shippers

As the original shipper, you’ll have the most control over the return shipment. You can choose the return speed and destination, and you’ll be able to decide how much control the return shipper has during the process.

You can learn How to Create a Label or find out more about your role in the return process using the following resources:

Return Type Job Aid

When processing your international return package with a FedEx electronic shipping solution, you'll need to provide a reason for that return for customs clearance purposes — on both the outbound and the return shipment. This job aid will help you do just that.

Download job aid

  • How to Use FedEx Singapore Global Returns

Shipper Resources

Find useful information about how you can use FedEx® Global Returns.

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  • How to Authorize Returning Party to Bill FedEx shipments

Letter of Authorization

This letter allows us to certify that you have authorized the returning party to bill FedEx Express® shipments to a designated account.