Return Label Options

Here, you’ll find resources for controlling several aspects of your return, such as the return label, shipping service, or automated shipping tools.

  • FedEx Singapore Return Shipping Label Options

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Label Options

With FedEx® Global Returns, you can create return labels and customs documents at the same time as the outbound shipment, or create them just for the return leg. You have three ways to provide the return label and any customs documents to your customer:

  • Enclose hard copies in the outbound shipment.
  • Email a PDF file.
  • Email a link to the editable return label and customs documents. You can allow customers to edit the label and customs documents, helping them facilitate customs clearance and avoid delays when their return contents don’t match the original shipment.
See the benefits of printing or emailing return labels here.  Or find out how to create a label.

Automation Platforms

Further simplify your returns by completing them using your existing FedEx automation platform. If your shipping is not currently automated, the following platforms can help make your returns (and the rest of your shipping) easier:

FedEx Ship Manager® at
A web-based solution that streamlines your shipping process by enabling you to set preferences and customize your settings.

FedEx Ship Manager® Software
A software-based program that offers a full range of shipping functions for high-speed shippers. Integrates with most accounting, order-management, warehouse-management, and other business systems.

FedEx Ship Manager® Server
A hardware and software solution that’s ideal for high-volume shippers who need a dedicated connection to FedEx and integration of FedEx® shipping functionality into their current business systems.

FedEx Web Services
An interface that enables you to integrate FedEx shipping capabilities directly into your website or workflow. It's an ideal solution for companies that need to build an online retail website or add a custom shopping cart feature to an existing website.

Tracking and Reporting

Take advantage of the advanced control and visibility offered by FedEx Global Returns. You can track the status of your shipment, receive key information about any returned item, and link a return shipment to its original shipment. And you’ll be able to easily manage tracking and reporting for all returns in your account.

  • Get notified
    When you create the return label, you have the option to set up email notifications for critical aspects of the return journey. Receive notifications when a return shipment is picked up, in transit, or dropped off — and customize those notifications for up to two additional parties.
  • Get linked
    Easily link the return shipment with the tracking number of the outbound shipment — even if the return shipment is created much later. This allows you to easily transfer delivery information, ensure accuracy, and enjoy visibility of the shipment’s full journey.
  • Get reports
    Download reports from FedEx® Tracking. These reports will display all your return shipments, whether they’re in transit, already delivered, or not yet shipped. This information is available for up to two years. See how FedEx Tracking works here.
If your company has a need for deeper analytical insights and operational data, you can take advantage of these tools on FedEx InSight®:
  • Returns pipeline visibility
    Set up notifications to receive emails with summaries of the quantity and speed of your returns.
  • Deep report history
    Download data files that give you a detailed account of return labels created, used or not used by return shippers. You can even go back as far as two years.
  • Custom views
    Easily sort and maintain summaries for your return shipments.