How one Korean fashion retailer went global

International clothing retailer Doublju has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a Korean auction site.

Brothers Jong-Tark Jang and Jong-Ho Jang realized the potential of online shopping to transform their clothing business into a global enterprise when their orders slowly grew from one or two to 1,000 per day. Confident that their brand had global appeal, the Jangs did not want to be limited by borders. They decided to use the Internet to make Doublju an international retailer. Their instincts were proved right and, today, Doublju sells men's and women's apparel across the US, Europe and Asia.

Though Doublju quickly built up an international customer base, this was only the start of a complex journey.

The challenges of distributing goods worldwide

Overseas demand for Doublju products was very healthy, but the brothers encountered challenges in getting their products to customers. They initially relied on regular postal services, but the slow pace of deliveries led to customer complaints and lost sales. Having warehouses and customers in different locations also made it difficult to manage inventory without an internal logistics department.

Professional logistics expertise helps to improve sales

Their transformational journey began when Doublju teamed up with international shipping company FedEx, which enhanced the company’s customer satisfaction rates and sales.

  • Utilising FedEx International Priority® shipping led to faster deliveries.
  • FedEx helped the company to manage its inventory and logistics efficiently.
  • FedEx global network enabled Doublju to solve any logistics issues it encountered, regardless of geography.

The global success of Doublju

Today, Doublju is in demand across three continents. As well as its thriving online business, the company now has three brick-and-mortar stores in California. The Jang brothers’ vision of a brand without borders was achieved through perseverance and top-notch logistics support.


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