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FedEx® Quick Form FAQ

  • General Question

1. What are the advantages in using FedEx Quick Form?

  • Time saving – You can save frequently used shipment data for quicker shipping label preparation in future.
  • Easy to use – The layout of FedEx Quick Form is exactly the same as a hard copy of the air waybill.
  • More user-friendly - A shipment can be arranged with one click.
  • Form sharing – You can share the form with your colleagues.

2. What are some of the functions/features of FedEx Quick Form?

  • Save as a shipment profile for future use
  • Save a shipping label for future reference
  • Ship less than 25 packages (up to 68kg) per shipment
  • Supports 10 future-day shipment preparation

3. Compared with FedEx Ship Manager™ Software / FedEx Ship Manager at, what are the advantages of using FedEx Quick Form?

  • Both FedEx Ship Manager Software and FedEx Ship Manager at are comprehensive and advanced automated shipping applications.
  • FedEx Quick Form is a PDF form similar to an air waybill which is simple and basic.
  • FedEx Quick Form requires low hardware configuration and is suitable for customers with slow internet connections and sending less than 25 packages in a shipment.

4. What are the computer requirements to use FedEx Quick Form?

You would need the software Adobe Reader 10.X or above installed including a laser printer or a high resolution inkjet printer

5. I am not able to connect to the internet. Can I still use FedEx Quick Form?

You can use this quick form offline when you enter the shipping information or print the shipping label. However, you need to use the computer with internet access when you click “Ship”.

6. My network is unstable and the transaction cannot be completed. How can I resolve it?

Please check your internet connection. The internet setting in Adobe reader is synchronized with Internet Browser.

7. Do I have to pay any fee to use FedEx Quick Form?

No. It is free of charge.

  • Registration Question

1. Why do I need to register for FedEx Quick Form?

This is to allow us to conduct a security check to ensure that you are authorized to ship with the given shipping account number.

2. Can I register for several times using one single account?


3. Can I register once and prepare shipping label with multiple account numbers?

No. You should perform registration once for each account number.

4. Can I share the registered form with others?

Yes. You can share the form.

  • Shipping Question

1. Can we arrange a pickup via FedEx Quick Form?

No. FedEx Quick Form can only generate the shipping label. If you need to arrange a pickup, please contact our Customer Service Team.

2. Can we set up an address book in FedEx Quick Form?

No, it does not provide that feature. FedEx Quick Form can only save shipping information as a profile for future use.

3. Can I change the default sender information?

Yes. You can update it and click “Save as Profile”.

4. Can FedEx Quick Form store FedEx Account Number?

No. This is designed to protect your account number even your form has been stolen or lost.

5. How can I cancel the AWB?

No. You don’t need to cancel the AWB. Shipment will only be charged after it is picked up by courier.

6. Can I print additional copies for future reference?

Yes. You can click “Print for reference” to print additional copy for future reference.