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Take care of your business. Let us focus on your supply chain

Don’t let supply chain complexity get in the way of growing your business. Use the resources and abilities of FedEx to help optimize your processes and confidently outsource supply chain management. Perfect for those who ship high-value products, FedEx SupplyChain® Solutions are all tightly integrated via advanced IT systems, giving you increased efficiency, insight and control.

These solutions are proven to succeed

A global supply chain must be flexible. It has to adapt to the organization, the customers and the business environment — one size truly never fits all. It’s why we have four modular solutions. Select the service features you need, when you need them.

Outsource your logistics operation so you can focus on your strengths

Give your business an optimum sourcing location, delivery route and shipping mode with FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics®. Rely on this service to fully support your time-sensitive, high-value inventory.

Extend your service day with our proven fulfillment operations

Get a logistics solution that can be quickly implemented and grow with your business. FedEx Fulfillment® takes full advantage of our centralized global distribution centers, with scalable warehouse and order management capabilities, to act as a seamless extension of your business.

Accelerate your supply chain by using consolidated shipments

A straightforward and streamlined process designed to save time and money, FedEx BreakBulk® speeds up your supply chain using consolidated shipments. Each shipment is customs cleared as a single unit before its contents are individually released for delivery to multiple addresses in different destination countries.

Add value with complementary services

Give your supply chain a boost with services like labeling and relabeling, inspection and quality control, configuration kitting, packaging and re-packaging, and returns management.

Optimize. Optimize. Optimize.

Outsourcing your supply chain turns what was once a group of high variable costs into a collection of predictable, fixed expenses. Such an improvement immediately boosts business efficiency, cost savings and customer satisfaction, giving you the ability to optimize all aspects of your operation.

Outsourcing your supply chain is just good business

When you shift your focus from logistics to business, opportunity suddenly seems like it’s knocking on your front door. You have the time, the ability and the capital to focus on new markets and new prospects — your business is suddenly poised to grow like never before.

Industry experience counts

Dynamic, high-stakes supply chains are more delicate than they may seem. It’s crucial that those who manage them are well versed in the appropriate industry nuances. With over 40 years of logistics experience, FedEx has the teams, networks and experience to assist with nearly any industry imaginable.

Take the first step to efficient supply chain management

A team of dedicated supply chain professionals is ready to talk. Please contact us with any questions.

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