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Connecting people and possibilities

Connecting people and possibilities

Discover what happens when you connect people and possibilities in the new BBC documentary, Made on Earth, delivered in association with FedEx.

See how a business grows and a community thrives when a Colombian coffee farmer connects with a coffee shop owner in Asia.

Think Global, be Global

Think global, be global

Today's digital world means that any small or medium sized business can be global. Find out how FedEx can help.

Vahdam Teas

Discover how Vahdam Teas, a tea brand from India is delivering flavourful teas across the world.

FedEx Shipping Services

Take your business further, faster

You work hard, so you need a shipping partner who works even harder.

Discover how smart technology from around the world is connecting with engineers in Kenya
to keep water flowing and a village flourishing.

Greenlight success

New paths and new opportunities

Explore a new world of growth opportunity for small and medium businesses


See how Flintobox is opening new possibilities for children by making learning fun

Straightforward importing

Our supply chain solutions

Learn about our trusted, integrated supply chains and related services.

Explore how e-commerce helps a traditional Italian hand-bag maker
find customers in new markets across the globe.

industry 4.0

The world of online shopping

Learn about ecommerce buying and selling behaviours to help your business flourish online.

Rug Republic

Discover how India’s handmade rugs are decorating homes around the world

FedEx Delivery Manager

Ship with confidence

If you're in the fashion and luxury goods business, you need to meet demands. Learn how FedEx supports you with fast shipping and returns.

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