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Holiday shipping tips

Holiday shipping tips

Six handy tips for Stress-Free Holiday Shipping

With the busiest shipping period of the year just around the corner, there’s no time like the present to get your business ready. Here are our tips to make the holiday season shipping a success.

  1. Start early
    It’s vital to keep your sales forecast up to date and predict what you expect to sell most this holiday season. Get those key inventory items in stock early and make sure your ordering process is seamless before the rush hits. Now is a good time to check your supply chain to make sure you will get your products when you need them. Whether you’re shipping in high volumes, or not, book shipments in as early as possible, and check FedEx and TNT seasonal schedules to avoid disappointment. 

  2. Clearly label your packages for customs purposes
    It’s time to get ready for peak season. To make sure everything goes smoothly, your shipping documentation should always answer three questions for your package: what is it, what is it made of, and what is it used for? If packages don’t have enough information, there could be delays at customs. For support to prepare your shipping documentation correctly, take a look at our guide.

  3. When shopping online, check to see if taxes and duties are included
    To make sure you don’t get a nasty surprise when your package arrives with a demand for customs duties and VAT, always check to see what’s included on your orders. Get up to speed with the latest shipping regulations and changes and check out our Duties and Taxes FAQ page for more information.

  4. Make sure to write “personal gift” on your Air Waybill when you send presents
    Let customs know your package is non-commercial by stating “personal gift” after the description on the Air Waybill to ensure you don’t receive unnecessary customs duties and taxes.

  5. Carefully prepare your packages
    To protect the presents you send during the holiday season, make sure you wrap your packages carefully! Bubble-wrap, Styrofoam beads or newspaper can help keep the contents of your packages safe. Check out our packaging tips for more details, and order our packaging here.

  6. Don’t forget insurance!
    The vast majority of packages are delivered safely, but sometimes things can go wrong. Declaring the estimated value of the package and taking out adequate insurance will cover you if anything happens.

Shipping to the U.S.? Here are two helpful tips

When shipping to the U.S. providing the correct documents and details is the best way to ensure your packages clear customs and avoid delays. Regulated goods such as food or apparel, often have additional requirements — so make sure all of your paperwork is in order before you send a package.

  1. The documents you need to provide
    The most important documents you need are the commercial invoice and air waybill. On the commercial invoice you should include: a precise goods description, an accurate Harmonized System code, country of origin and the receiver`s contact details. 

  2. Check out prohibited items
    Keep an eye on what items are prohibited by U.S. customs to ensure any presents you send arrive safely.