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Holiday Tips

Holiday Tips

Four handy tips for Stress-Free Holiday Shipping

  1. Clearly label your package for customs purposes.
    Your Air Waybill should answer three questions about your package: what is it, what is it made of, what is it used for? Customers who don’t supply enough information about their package may find it’s held up by customs. To avoid disappointing delays, ensure your package is clearly labeled.

  2. If purchasing via the internet, check to see if local taxes and duties are included in the price.
    Many people think they’re getting a great price when they buy items overseas via the internet, but get a surprise when their package arrives with a demand for customs duties and VAT. For example, clothes valued at €161 arriving in Italy will attract 12% duty, plus 22% VAT adding more than 30% to the cost of the purchase. For more information please visit our Duties and Taxes FAQ page.

  3. Ensure your package is well wrapped, with plenty of padding.
    FedEx provides free shipping boxes, but customers need to wrap their packages carefully. Invest in some bubble-wrap, styrofoam beads or lots of newspaper to help protect your present! Have a look at our packaging tips.

  4. Accurately estimate the cost of your package and take out adequate insurance.
    The vast majority of FedEx packages are delivered safely to their address, but sometimes things can go wrong. All customers are asked to declare the value of their shipment – undervaluing can affect their insurance. Customers should also ensure they have adequate insurance, especially for high-value shipments.