3. Use of Personal Information for Marketing Purposes (Optional)


3.1 In connection with customer registration, customer counseling, service provision, marketing and business promotions provided by the Company (hereinafter referred to as "Marketing purposes"), etc., the Company uses the collected personal information described in Clause 1 above as well as the customer's location, job category, position, the area for which the customer is responsible, the customer's record in relation to use of transportation, company address, guests, types of guests, verification of the guest's business/personal identification, guest e-mail addresses, and insurance details for events if necessary in order to provide information on various events, products, services, and company news, and invitations or tickets to events organized or supported by the Company, and any other useful services to customers during the period of retention and use described in Clause 1. You may decline to consent to the use of your personal information for the marketing purposes above by the Company. However, if you decline to consent to the use of personal information for marketing purposes, you will not be provided with a variety of useful information that the Company provides.


3.2 Such useful information will be provided to you via phone call, SMS, or e-mail.