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Import Clearance Guides
and Essentials

Import Clearance Guides
and Essentials

FedEx strives to make your shipping experience as straightforward as possible. Download a copy of our import guidelines to learn more about procedures, regulations, restrictions, prohibited items, etc. for shipping to South Korea.

Importing to South Korea

Learn customs clearance essentials for importing to South Korea.

I. Informal Entry

  • Informal Entry Object
  • Informal Entry Reject Item


II. Special Import Regulations and Laws

  • Plant Protection Act
  • Livestock Infectious Diseases Prevention Act
  • Radio Waves Act
  • Electrical Appliances and Consumer Products Safety Control Act
  • Special Act on the Safety of Products for Children
  • Food Sanitation Act
  • Pharmaceutical Affairs Law
  • Medical Device Law
  • Cosmetics Act
  • Chemical Substance Control Act
  • Act on the prevention and management of infectious diseases


III. Duty Exemption

  • Re-Import
  • Conditional Import For Re-Export
  • Business Sample & Individual Tax Exemption


IV. Prohibited Items


V. Reference


VI. Mandatory Business and Personal Customs Clearance Code

  • Business Customs Clearance Code
  • Personal Customs Clearance Code