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Credit Card &
Credit Note

Credit Card &
Credit Note

How to pay by Credit Card or Credit Note?

Enhanced QR Pay

Enhanced QR Pay

Enhanced QR code® is now available on all FedEx Invoices, Statements of Account (SOA) and Dunning Letters. Simply scan the code with your smartphone and it will direct you to a FedEx customized payment page with a list of invoice(s) to pay. With QR Pay, you can now pay securely and quickly with a credit card/ e-wallet (e.g. GCash).

Please click here to pay via QR Pay by following the below steps:

  1. Add invoice(s) for payment and confirm the payment details by providing your email address.
  2. You will be re-directed to the payment site. Select your payment option and enter your credit card/ e-wallet details.
  3. Review your payment details and wait for the transaction result.
  4. "Payment successful / failed" page will be displayed.


Credit Card

Pay By Phone

You can also call our Customer Service Hotline to request to pay by credit card.

  • For PLDT, Sun, Smart Subscribers: 1.800.10.46.33339
  • For Globe Subscribers: 1.800.8.46.33339
  • For Other network subscribers: 045.4993900

For official receipt request, please email

Please provide FedEx account number and/or invoice or AWB number.

Credit Note

Credit Note

When using a credit note to offset an invoice, please be reminded that the credit is only applicable to the invoice number stated on the note. In addition, if full payment has been made for a disputed invoice before you have received a credit note, kindly notify us.

If you have any questions regarding payment procedures, please contact us.

Billing Hotline: a) For PLDT, Sun and Smart subscribers: 1.800.10.46.33339
b) For Globe subscribers: 1.800.8.46.33339
c) For other network subscribers: 045.4993900

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