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FedEx Master Class

FedEx Master Class





FedEx Master Class

From knowing what documents to prepare for your shipments to how you can benefit from our automation tools, there is no doubt that it pays to have a better understanding on how to ship. FedEx offers informational sessions to walk you through everything about FedEx and shipping.

We wanted to hear from you and vice versa. These informational sessions are created to help you manage your FedEx shipping efficiently through the following classes:

  • 1. The clearance process for inbound and outbound shipments;
  • 2. Go digital with FedEx automation tools; and
  • 3. Our special services from the combined FedEx and TNT network; and
  • 4. Other topics which may be essential in transforming potential into business growth

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Apprentice Workshop

This workshop is for new FedEx account holders (shipping less than six months) and for those interested to ship with FedEx. The focus is mainly about our beginner’s guide session.

Getting Started

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