FedEx Temperature Control Solutions

FedEx Cold Chain Solutions

FedEx Cold Chain Solutions

Safeguard the integrity of your cold chain shipments

Even a slight change in temperature can compromise your shipment’s integrity. From keeping specimens cold to protecting pallets from freezing, FedEx has a temperature control solution for your specific healthcare shipping needs.

Packaging Options

Active Containers


Benefits and Features

  • Maintain the required temperature in payload compartments indefinitely regardless of outside temperatures as long as there is an adequate power source and/or dry ice refill

  • Active containers can be plugged in to continue to protect your payload in the event of flight delays or other unforeseen circumstances

  • Onboard temperature monitoring and datalogging available for most models

  • Thermostat-controlled air conditioning system with compressor cooling and electrical heating (“Dry ice-free”):

    • Envirotainer e2/e1 containers (±0°C to +25°C) RKN/RAP

    • CSafe containers (+4°C to +25°C)

  • Dry ice-based system:

    • Envirotainer t2 containers (-20°C to +20°C) for IMP, high value API and critical medication launch for pharma customers and vaccine cold chain movements

Passive Packaging Solutions

Passive Box
  • Maintain a temperature-controlled environment inside an insulated packaging using pre-conditioned coolant such as chilled or frozen gel packs, phase change materials and dry ice

  • Pre-qualified to hold a particular temperature for a certain amount of payload volume for a specified period of time: 24, 72 or 96 hours, and more*

  • Options range from a very small box to pallet size and even containers:

    • Cold Shipping Package (+2°C to +8°C, +15°C to +25°C, -20°C)

      • Cater to your smaller payload deliveries

      • Choose from various parcel sizes – small, medium and large

        • Standard duration unit (all three sizes) offers up to 96 hours of temperature control, depending on the external temperature*
    • Va-Q-tainer (-60°C ~ +25°C)

      • Advanced passive alternative for temperature-controlled shipments of pharmaceutical and biotechnological goods

      • Able to accommodate larger payload volumes

      • Dry ice-free for temperatures down to as low as -40°C

        • Types: va-Q-Case Half Euro, va-Q-tainer Eurox, va-Q-tainer USx, va-Q-tainer Twinx and va-Q-tainer XLx

FedEx® Thermal Blanket Solution (15°C to 25°C)

FedEx Thermal Blanket Solution
  • End-to-end solution – customers can lease it no blankets to buy or training required

  • Covers perishable cargo during transportation

  • Stabilizes the cargo’s temperature and shields it from weather fluctuation

  • Provides priority uplift and monitoring during transit for bulk/ generic products

FedEx® Deep Frozen Shipping Solution (-150°C to -195°C )

FedEx Deep Frozen Shipping Solution
  • Choose from standard and large-volume sizes

  • Dry vapor technology enables up to 10 days of holding time

  • Includes FedEx Priority Alert™ for enhanced tracking and visibility*

  • Eliminates the need for insulated boxes and dry ice

  • Meets requirements to handle infectious substances

FedEx® UN 3373 Pak

FedEx UN3373 Pak

The FedEx UN 3373 Pak can only be used to ship Biological Substance, Category B (UN 3373) shipments. If you need an overwrap for exempt clinical and environmental test sample shipments, use the FedEx® Clinical Pak.

FedEx Clinical Pak

FedEx Clinical Pak

Include a marking on package that properly identifies the shipment as “exempt human specimen” or “exempt animal specimen” as appropriate to comply with current IATA and ICAO regulations.

FedEx Cold Shipping Solution
(2°C - 8°C)


Nanocool (Small, Medium, Large boxes) with no pre-conditioning requirements and VIP based packaging solutions are available (5kg,10kg) for 48-96hrs

* Service features are subject to change at any time. Contact our sales representatives for more details.