Ship More, Save More


To join the FedEx Ship More, Save More Program, click “ACCEPT AND PROCEED” below to confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the program Terms & Conditions and the terms and conditions as below mentioned.

  • Modifications. FedEx reserves the right to issue new discounts, modify FedEx's List Rates, impose surcharges (including fuel surcharge) and amend, modify, or discontinue the Program at any time. FedEx will provide not less than thirty (30) calendar days' prior notice to participants of any change in the discounts or a discontinuance of the Program either by mail or a message sent by an electronic transmission. Any amendment or modification to FedEx List Rates, surcharges (including fuel surcharge), or other terms and conditions of the Program, will be posted on and will also be available from FedEx Customer Service.
  • Payment Terms. All transactions will be charged immediately to the credit card linked to FedEx account upon the generation of an invoice in the FedEx billing system. The transactions will include but not limited to freight charge, fuel surcharge, duty and tax and other surcharges. Failure to comply with payment terms may result in denial or removal of applicable pricing, in FedEx sole discretion.
  • Reservations. Services under the Program are subject to availability of aircraft space as determined by FedEx. Participants using FedEx service under the Program shall, for any shipment above 300 kg in actual weight, contact and receive a confirmation of aircraft space availability from FedEx.  FedEx is not liable in any way if space is not available.  FedEx determination of aircraft space availability for any particular shipment shall be conclusive.
  • Surges. Participants shall notify FedEx in writing at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of any known or anticipated package volume surges.  There is a package volume surge for an account when the participant tenders packages that substantially exceed the number, type, size, and/or weight of packages tendered on average by the participant throughout the year.  When such surges occur, FedEx may, in its sole discretion, either: accept such packages while waiving the Money Back Guarantee (if any) and commitment times; or decline to accept such packages without further obligation of any kind to the participant.

By clicking “ACCEPT AND PROCEED”, I agree and understand the Terms and Conditions of the FedEx Ship More, Save More Program *

*Note that all customers who open accounts after 22 January 2020 via the Campaign qualify for the discounts mentioned above for the duration that their account remains valid and in good credit standing, and for the duration of the Campaign.