#StrongWunderMighty PROMOTION (“Campaign”)


1. These Terms and Conditions are between the Participant (defined below), and FedEx Corporation (together with its subsidiaries and affiliated companies, “FedEx”). 

2. By making a Submission (defined below) and using a voucher provided pursuant to this Campaign, you will be deemed to agree and accept these Terms and Conditions.

3. Campaign Period: This Campaign commences on 1 June 2020 and concludes on 31 August 2020. 

4. Entry to Campaign 

i. A Participant is an existing FedEx Express account holder who: 

a) receives a FedEx #StrongWunderMighty card and FedEx premium item (ie. dinosaur stuffed toy) from a FedEx Express courier between 1 to 14 June 2020 (both dates inclusive); 

b) makes a social media photo submission (“Submission”) in accordance with section 4(ii) below, and 

c) scans the QR code set out in FedEx #StrongWunderMighty card to provide their particulars online.

ii. To make a Submission, a Participant must: 

a) take a creative selfie with the FedEx premium item in their home office.

b) Upload the photo onto Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #FedExSG and #StrongWunderMighty. 

c) The post must be set to public view.

iii. Submissions that are not eligible for entry include: photographs that violate or infringe the rights of others (including but not limited to copyright, trademark, privacy, public image rights, or other intellectual or civil rights); include pornography, nudity, obscenity, violence, or other offensive or inappropriate content; or in any way that derogate FedEx or anyone else or any party. 

iv. FedEx Cash account holders are not eligible to participate in this Campaign.

v. If a Participant is a FedEx business account, then an individual person may be nominated as its representative (“Nominated Representative”) and enter on the Participant’s behalf, but not in his/her own name or on his/her own behalf.  Only one Nominated Representative is permitted per Participant.  

vi. Persons under the age of 18 must obtain the prior permission of a parent or guardian over the age of 18 to enter. 

vii. Incomprehensible, objectionable and incomplete entries will be invalid and will not be eligible for the rewards.   

viii. FedEx accepts no responsibility for any late, lost or misdirected entries including delays in the delivery of the entry due to technical disruptions, network congestion or for any other reason.

5. Promotional Discount

i. A Participant who complies with the requirements set out in section 3(i) above will receive a FedEx voucher via SMS for a discount of SGD 15 off the basic freight charge of an Eligible Shipment (as specified below). This promotional discount cannot be applied to any other charges, including but not limited to duties and tax, fuel surcharge, duty and tax surcharges and other surcharges. 

ii. An Eligible Shipment must meet all of the following requirements: 

a) Shipments exported from/imported to Singapore during the Campaign Period.

b) Shipments billed to a valid FedEx account registered in the Participant’s name or valid credit card account.

c) FedEx International Priority/International Economy/International Priority Freight/International Economy Freight shipments.

d) Spot rate shipments are excluded from this Campaign.

iii. This voucher is a one-time offer and can only be redeemed by the Participant. it is good for its value to offset freight service charges against one (1) FedEx invoice for an eligible shipment (specified above).

iv. To redeem the voucher, the Participant can either:

a) Email FSCSG@fedex.com stating his/her FedEx Account number, the shipping voucher number and FedEx invoice number which the Participant wishes to use the voucher to offset against; or

b) Drop off his/her parcel at one of the three FedEx Shipping Centers and quote the shipping voucher number. 

v. Submissions with incomplete / incorrect invoice numbers and/or without a scanned copy of the voucher will not be processed.  

vi. Any outstanding payments due after deducting the voucher value should be paid before the invoice due date. 

vii. Any vouchers unutilised by 31 August 2020 will be forfeited. 

viii. The voucher cannot be used for cash-prepaid shipments (billed to credit card).

ix. This voucher cannot be used in conjunction with other vouchers.

x. The voucher is not transferrable, not refundable and cannot be replaced if lost, damaged, defaced, stolen, expired, and/or voided. 

xi. The voucher, including any unused value cannot be exchanged for cash, cash equivalents or any other gifts, good or services of equal value.

xii. FedEx shall not be responsible for any claims, demands, losses, costs, expenses and/or liability of any kind whatsoever suffered, arising from or in connection with such unauthorized use.

6. General

i. FedEx shall not be liable for any loss or damage (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss) which is suffered by a Participant or other parties in connection with this Campaign, including but not limited to personal injury and tax obligations that may arise from accepting any of the rewards, except for any liability which cannot be excluded by law. 

ii. Eligibility excludes the directors, management and employees (and their immediate families) of FedEx, its related entities, printers, suppliers, providers and agencies associated with the promotion stated herein as well as employees, agents, officers, and representatives of any government department, government owned entity, juristic person funded by any government department, political party or public international organization, or any candidates for political office. 

iii. FedEx reserves the right to require a Participant to execute a certificate of eligibility prior to awarding the Participant with the reward, confirming that the Participant is not excluded from entry into this Campaign pursuant to these Terms and Conditions and that the Participant has complied fully with these Terms and Conditions. Truthful completion of this certificate is a precondition to the award of the rewards.  

iv. FedEx confirms that it recognizes the Participant’s rights arising under applicable laws in relation to all personal data which it obtained or collated in relation to the Participant. In any case where FedEx collects, processes and/or transfers personal data (including across jurisdictions), the Participant’s personal data is subject to appropriate safeguards, in accordance with applicable laws.  Unless otherwise advised by the Participant, by entering this Campaign and submitting personal data pursuant to this Campaign, the Participant accepts and understands how FedEx intends to use the Participant’s personal data, and consents to the information they submit being entered into a database which may be used by FedEx in any media for future promotional and publicity purposes.

v. The Participant warrants and represents the following with respect to the Submission: 

a) The Participant is the sole and exclusive owner of the Submission; 

b) the Submission will not infringe on any rights (including, without limitation any intellectual property rights) of any third parties; 

c) any third parties appearing in the Submission have provided appropriate consent to be photographed and used as permitted herein; and 

d) all information provided is true and accurate. 

vi. By making a Submission in consideration for FedEx, the Participant grants FedEx a royalty-free, global, irrevocable, non-exclusive perpetual license to allow FedEx to modify, publish, display, and distribute the Submission in any form or media, whatsoever, use the Submission to create derivative works and copy the Submission, and to use the Submission for promotional, communication, and any commercial purposes, without any further payment or consideration. The Participant also agrees to waive in whole all moral rights and agree never to assert any moral rights, which the Participant may have in relation to the Submission.

v. If this Campaign is not capable of running as planned for any reason, including tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures and any other causes beyond the control of FedEx, which corrupt or affect the administration security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the promotion, FedEx reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this Campaign.

vi. The terms and conditions of carriage in the applicable FedEx Express Air Waybill, in effect on the day of any shipment, shall apply to the shipment. If there is a conflict between the terms of the FedEx Express Air Waybill and these Terms and Conditions, the former will control.

vii. In the event of any discrepancies, inconsistencies or inaccuracies with respect to this Campaign, FedEx's decision is final and no other further correspondence will be accepted. FedEx will not be obliged to award the rewards if it is contrary to any applicable laws or regulations. 

viii. FedEx reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.