Ship More, Save More

Sign up now for the FedEx “Ship More, Save More” Program using your credit card and enjoy great discounts on your international shipments! 1

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  • 40% off published FedEx list rates for the first three months2;
  • Up to 50% off after the first three months3; and
  • Additional 5% Automation Bonus whenever you ship eligible FedEx shipments using FedEx Ship ManagerTM; at or other FedEx digital shipping solutions5.

To join the FedEx Ship More, Save More Program, click on the box below to confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the program Terms & Conditions, then click "Sign up".

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What happens after the first 3 months?

Below you can see how easy it is to keep enjoying and even growing your discounts!

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1 Discounts do not apply to ancillary service fees, surcharges, special handling fees or other ancillary charges.
2 Calculated on a 13-week basis.
3 Discounts will be calculated based on FedEx list rates in effect on the date shipments are tendered to FedEx.
4 After the first three months, the Average Month Spend is calculated based on the gross customer spend in the preceding one (1) month. Thereafter, the Average Month Spend is calculated based on the cumulative gross customer spend in the preceding months (commencing from the 3rd month), up to and including the customer’s cumulative gross spend on Transportation Charges over the preceding twelve (12) months. If a participant does not meet the minimum average monthly spend amount of the first tier, freight charges based on FedEx list rates in effect at the time of tendering the shipment, with first tier discount, shall apply.
5 Eligible shipping solutions are subject to change by FedEx. Under this Campaign, FedEx® Quick Form is not eligible for the additional 5% off “Automation Bonus”.

Remarks: A temporary pre-authorization charge of SGD1 will appear on your credit card and will be credited within 7-10 days.

*Note that all customers who open accounts after 22 January 2020 via the Campaign qualify for the discounts mentioned above for the duration that their account remains valid and in good credit standing, and for the duration of the Campaign.