Shipping Services

FedEx International Priority® DirectDistribution

FedEx International Priority® DirectDistribution

We make bulk shipments easy. Just tell us your origin, destination addresses and clear customs as a single unit. Unlimited size and weight per piece and perfectly timed for delivery in 2 to 4 business days.


Times & Coverage

  • Multiple addresses and recipients within a single destination country/territory.

  • Typically in 2 to 4 business days.

Service Days

  • Every business day.

  • Monday to Friday.

  • Saturday service available in some markets upon request.

Size & Weight

Individual pieces up to: Individual pallets:
  • 274cm in length and 330cm in length + girth.

  • 68kg in weight.
  • Approval required for individual pallets more than 178cm in height, 302cm in length or 203cm in width.

  • Unlimited total shipment weight.
    Approval required for skids weighing more than 997kg.
Allow shipment consist of loose pieces or packages weighing up to 68kg and large pieces or skidded packages weighing more than 69kg.

Special Instructions

  • Customs clearance available for all shipments as one unit for multiple European countries.

  • Online tracking for each individual shipment.

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