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FedEx Compatible Customer FAQ

What are FedEx Compatible solutions?

FedEx® Compatible offers you the choice of selecting a FedEx certified, third-party shipping solution to meet your business and integration needs. Solutions are available for Transportation Management (TMS), Warehouse Management (WMS), eCommerce, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

What are the benefits of using a Compatible solution?

Compatible solutions offer off-the-shelf, pre-integrated FedEx shipping functionality, eliminating the need for development. Solutions contain a full range of FedEx functionality and offer valuable additional business and integration capabilities that go beyond shipping. Common additional business integrations can include Oracle, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Online Shopping Marketplaces, Shopping Cart functionality, and more.

When is a FedEx Compatible solution right for a customer?

A FedEx Compatible solution is right for the customer who:

  • Is looking for the benefits of integration without the need for development (off-the-shelf solution).
  • Needs to ship with more than one carrier from a single shipping system.
  • Has complex, highly customized integration needs.
  • Needs additional features and options on top of other FedEx Solutions

What can Compatible Solutions do for me?

With a FedEx Compatible solution, customers can evaluate shipping options and rating information for FedEx and other featured carriers from a single touch-point – saving time, and eliminating the need for multiple shipping solutions. FedEx Compatible solutions offer a high level of customization and give customer’s visibility to their entire shipping processes – saving time and money; and are built for advanced scalability to grow with customer’s business needs.

How do I learn more about a solution (cost, capabilities)?

Solution costs and functionality vary per solution, and customers can learn more about a solution by going to the solution page to see a description of the solution, the FedEx services offered, and additional integrations built-in. Customers interested in contacting a solution provider to learn more about cost and capabilities can do so from the solution page.

How do I select a solution / Get started?

Go to the solution page and select "Request Contact" to create a request directly to the solution provider's sales team. After that, you will be contacted by the provider(s) you selected.

Why should I choose a FedEx Compatible solution?

All FedEx Compatible solutions have passed FedEx certification testing. Certified solutions support FedEx services and offer the latest FedEx functionality. They provide confidence, stability, and the best experience for your business.

I have more questions, or my question was not answered. Who can I contact?

Contact your FedEx Sales or Customer Technology representative for more information. If you don't have a direct Sales or Customer Technology contact please reach us for inquires at compatible_europe@fedex.com.

How can I learn more about this program?

Contact your FedEx Sales or Customer Technology representative or send an email to compatible_europe@fedex.com