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FedEx Compatible Provider FAQ

What is the FedEx Compatible program?

The FedEx Compatible program offers providers of third-party solutions a way to develop and certify FedEx functionality in their products. FedEx Compatible gives providers access to FedEx programs and marketing opportunities, creating a competitive advantage for FedEx certified solutions.

How does this program benefit my customers?

The FedEx Compatible program allows customers to choose a certified, third-party solution to meet their shipping and integration needs. Certified solutions provide customers confidence, stability, and the best FedEx experience, including faster FedEx account activation and more convenient access to the latest FedEx services.

What are the benefits to solution providers in the Compatible program?

Qualified certified solutions are promoted to potential customers through the global FedEx network of Sales and Customer Technology consultants. Providers have access to marketing programs and resources which give a competitive edge to their products and can take advantage of a streamlined customer activation process to speed up customer onboarding.

What are the responsibilities of a solution provider in the Compatible program?

A FedEx Compatible solution means the FedEx functionality within the third-party provider's system has passed FedEx certification testing. A FedEx Compatible solution provider must annually incorporate the latest FedEx functionality into their solution and certify the solution. In addition, certified providers must agree to and follow the terms and conditions of the program.

How can I apply?

Interested solution providers can apply for the FedEx Compatible program using the application form found here. Applicants should complete the form thoroughly to allow the application review team to accurately evaluate the provider application.

Is there a minimum criteria needed to apply for FedEx Compatible?

While there are no mandatory criteria to apply for the FedEx Compatible program, successful applicants have a stable and working solution that includes FedEx shipping capabilities and development resources to support the solution and required yearly updates to solution functionality. In addition, successful applicants possess dedicated product support resources to serve their customer base, and have resources to support legal review, marketing programs, and solution implementation.

What transportation services do the FedEx Compatible providers support?

To be certified for Europe, Compatible Solutions must include all FedEx Express shipping services, together with special services and UK domestic features of service, unless specific waivers are approved. Those are available in FedEx Web Services or FedEx Ship Manager Server® (FSMS), unless specific waivers are approved.

How are Compatible solutions promoted with FedEx?

Qualified certified solutions are promoted on the FedEx Compatible site and additionally with FedEx global Sales and Customer Technology teams. Providers have access to FedEx Marketing programs which then allows FedEx and each provider to discuss co-marketing opportunities and advantages.

What is the difference between a Diamond and Platinum or Gold solution?

There are three levels of status a certified FedEx solution can have: Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Each status level confers additional FedEx Compatible program benefits to providers.

Provider solutions that achieve the highest status (Diamond) demonstrate the highest degree of solution performance capabilities and customer experience benefits. Solutions that achieve the 2nd level of status (Platinum) have demonstrated a high degree of capability and customer experience and solutions at the 3rd level of status (Gold) demonstrate an above-average degree of capability and customer experience.

Provider solutions are qualified, scored, and ranked on an annual basis to determine eligibility for a particular Compatible status to ensure that the top-ranked solutions are promoted to customers accordingly.

How can I learn more about this program?

Contact your FedEx Sales or Customer Technology representative or send an email to compatible_europe@fedex.com